Startup Visa Programme - Stage 2

UK Startup Visa Programme – Stage 2 of the Application Process

Once you have completed the initial application you will be invited to complete Stage 2 of the application process.

Stage 2 asks for copies of documents you are required to produce for us as the Endorsing Body to be able to advance your application.

To complete the Stage 2 application form you will need to upload a number of documents. The list of required documents is below so you can get them ready to upload. The form will also ask you for some more details about your business idea too.

If you are unable to provide any of the documentation below you should wait until all the documentation is available before completing this next form

The documents you will need to upload

Please ensure that the maximum size of any one document if no more than 10MB.

1. Business Plan

2. CV

3. Passport

4. Bank statement that proves that you have the minimum of £1270 in your bank account for a period of 28 days. before your application is submitted

5. Proof that you have met the English language requirement

6. Tuberculosis test results (if required)

Stage 2 Application form

Please click the button below to complete the form.

…invaluable strategic business advice in many areas…

Ian Gosden, Managing Director, Higos Insurance

…valuable assistance in setting objectives and arranging strategy plans…

John Freshwater, Managing Director, Permaframe

…no hesitation in recommending him as a Non-Executive Director…

Colin Flaherty, Chairman, Academy of Business Strategy

…I was delighted to hear what a fantastic fit Boardroom Advisors were for my client…

Chris Budd, Founder, The Eternal Business

…he was a real asset in supporting us through rapid expansion…

Adam Ellis, Managing Director, Five Rivers

…he has had a significant impact on our approach to how we work as an agency…

Christian Harris, Managing Director, Sticky