Top Qualities and Skills of a Good Sales Consultant Revealed

Are you considering hiring a sales consultant but unsure what differentiates the best from the rest in the UK market? Identifying the key traits and qualities that contribute to a sales consultant’s success is crucial for making an informed hiring decision. This guide will highlight the essential characteristics of effective sales consultants, helping you recognize the right candidate to enhance your sales strategy and drive your business forward.

Key Takeaways

  • A deep understanding of sales dynamics is crucial for success in sales consultancy, encompassing knowledge of the sales process, customer behaviour, and market trends.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential for building relationships with customers and prospects, requiring active listening, the ability to ask the right questions, and clear and persuasive communication.
  • A proven track record of sales success demonstrates the ability to consistently meet and exceed targets, showcasing the skills and strategies needed to close deals and generate revenue.
  • Adaptability is essential in the ever-evolving sales industry, enabling sales consultants to adjust their strategies and techniques to meet changing customer needs.
  • Continuous learning is crucial for staying ahead in sales, as sales consultants should continuously develop their skills, knowledge, and expertise to improve their performance and achieve long-term success.

What Does A Sales Consultant Do?

A sales consultant plays a crucial role in driving the sales strategy of a business, ensuring that it not only meets but exceeds its sales targets. Their primary responsibility is to enhance the effectiveness of the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals, by offering expert advice, strategies, and solutions tailored to the company’s products or services and the market it operates in.

At the core, a sales consultant evaluates a company’s current sales procedures and performance, identifying areas for improvement and growth opportunities. They conduct market research to understand industry trends, customer behaviour, and the competitive landscape, which enables them to develop targeted sales strategies that align with the business’s goals and customer needs.

Sales consultants are also involved in implementing new sales processes and technologies. They might recommend the adoption of advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, sales automation tools, or other technologies that streamline the sales process, making it more efficient and effective.

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Training and development of the sales team is another critical function of a sales consultant. They provide training sessions, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to sales personnel, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their sales techniques, customer service, and overall performance.

Moreover, sales consultants assist in setting realistic sales targets and KPIs based on their analysis and the company’s aspirations. They monitor these metrics closely, providing regular reports and feedback to the management team on the progress towards these goals and suggesting adjustments to strategies as needed.

In essence, a sales consultant acts as a catalyst for growth and efficiency within a sales organisation. They bring a fresh perspective, backed by expertise and experience, to help businesses optimise their sales operations, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately achieve greater sales success.

What Makes a Good Sales Consultant?

Sales consultants play a pivotal role in driving business growth and revenue. To excel in this role, they must possess a combination of essential skills and qualities. In this section, we will explore some key factors that contribute to the success of a sales consultant.

Deep Industry Knowledge

An in-depth understanding of sales dynamics is a vital attribute for any sales consultant. This entails having comprehensive knowledge of the sales process, customer behaviour, and market trends. By grasping these dynamics, sales consultants can make informed decisions, tailor their sales strategies, and effectively engage with prospective clients.

Strong Analytical Abilities

The ability to analyse sales data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions is essential for optimising sales strategies and improving outcomes.

Exceptional Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential for building strong relationships with customers and prospects. Sales consultants should be able to actively listen to the needs of clients, ask relevant questions, and articulate their ideas clearly and persuasively. These skills enable consultants to establish trust, address objections, and present solutions that align with customer requirements.

Critical Skills for Sales Consultant Success

Strategic Planning Expertise

Developing and executing a comprehensive sales strategy that aligns with the company’s objectives is a key skill for sales consultants, requiring a forward-thinking approach and meticulous planning.

Proficiency in Sales Technologies

Sales teams have reported a 75% increase in sales after using CRM systems. Therefore, familiarity with the latest CRM and sales automation tools can streamline sales processes, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences.

Effective Negotiation Techniques

Mastering negotiation strategies is crucial for closing deals that are beneficial for both the company and its clients, fostering long-term relationships.

Mastery of Sales Techniques

A good sales consultant is well-versed in various sales methodologies and can customise their approach to fit the business model and customer base effectively.


Adaptability is crucial for a sales consultant to succeed in a constantly evolving market. They must be able to adjust their strategies, approaches, and techniques to meet the changing needs and preferences of customers. The most successful sales reps combine a number of disciplines and perspectives into a flexible, blended model that can be drawn upon when necessary.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is essential for staying ahead in the sales industry. Sales consultants should continuously develop their skills, knowledge, and expertise to improve their sales performance and achieve long-term success. While AI, machine learning, and automation continue to change the process of selling, the nature of sales continues to beat with a human heart. In B2B sales, our humanness and personality are as important now as before.

Leadership and Team Collaboration

Promoting a collaborative sales environment and leading by example are important for motivating team members and achieving collective sales targets.

Evaluating a Sales Consultant’s Fit for Your Business

Alignment with Company Culture

Ensuring that a consultant’s values and work style resonate with your company’s culture is vital for a harmonious and productive relationship.

Proven Track Record of Sales Success

A sales consultant’s track record is a testament to their ability to consistently meet and exceed sales targets. It demonstrates their proficiency in closing deals, generating revenue, and delivering results. A proven track record is a clear indication of the consultant’s expertise, strategies, and sales acumen.


In conclusion, a good sales consultant possesses a deep understanding of sales dynamics, effective communication and interpersonal skills, a proven track record of sales success, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning. These qualities enable sales consultants to build strong relationships, achieve sales targets, and thrive in the ever-evolving sales industry. For further guidance finding the right Sales Consultant for your business, get in touch via the contact form to see how Boardroom Advisors can help you.


What are the top qualities of a good sales consultant?

 A good sales consultant should possess qualities such as positivity, outgoing personality, diligence, persuasive skills, and the ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with clients.

What is the role of a sales consultant in building and managing client accounts?

 A sales consultant is responsible for consulting clients on products and services, following up with them to ensure satisfaction, and developing a rapport to persuade them to continue doing business.

How does an outgoing personality benefit a sales consultant in their career?

An outgoing personality can benefit a sales consultant by making it easier for them to develop relationships with clients, present a positive image, and persuade potential buyers with ease.

Why is persuasion important for a sales consultant?

Persuasion is important for a sales consultant as it helps them convince clients of the value of products or services, negotiate prices, and ultimately close deals successfully.

Written by: John Courtney

John is highly ranked in the Top 100 UK Entrepreneurs list by City AM and is winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from techSPARK. He has been a Board Director himself for over 40 years and first started placing Non-Executive Directors over 25 years ago. John founded and ran seven of his own businesses including a Management Consultancy for 10 years, a Corporate Finance offering for 10 years and a mid-sized Digital Agency for another 10 years.