Strategy Case Studies

See how ‘strategy’ grows businesses

Our Strategy Case Studies showcase how an emphasis on a strategic approach has helped grow our client’s businesses. Whether through a strategic review process or workshops with stakeholders our services have had an impressive outcome. Client satisfaction is our top priority, and these stories demonstrate our commitment to your success.

Case Study: FSEW

See how a solutions architecture strategy facilitated digital transformation in logistics for company FSEW.

[Objective: Digital Transformation; Strategy]

FSEW Case Study

Case Study: Five Rivers

See how Board, sales and operational process transformation has facilitated sustainable growth for Fiver Rivers.

[Objective: Strategy; Operations; Commercials]

Fiver Rivers Case Study

Case Study: Sticky

See how a clear and smart strategic planning process was required to set Sticky on a path to significant growth following a merger combined with a rapidly changing market.

[Objective: Strategy; Growth; Operations; Marketing]

Case Study - Sticky

Case Study: Kaiasm

See how Kaiasm’s sales process, leads and sales team benefited from the expertise of an Advisor who is highly skilled in this area.

[Objective: Strategy; Commercials]

Case Study: DeltaXML

See how DeltaXML found the right mix of expertise, availability and approach with Boardroom Advisors to accelerate their growth.

[Objective: Strategy; Growth; Commercials]

Case Study: Accelerate Agency

See how Boardroom Advisors enhanced growth for an early stage Digital Agency by developing a focused business strategy.

[Objective: Strategy; Commercials; Marketing]

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…invaluable strategic business advice in many areas…

Ian Gosden, Managing Director, Higos Insurance

…valuable assistance in setting objectives and arranging strategy plans…

John Freshwater, Managing Director, Permaframe

…no hesitation in recommending him as a Non-Executive Director…

Colin Flaherty, Chairman, Academy of Business Strategy

…I was delighted to hear what a fantastic fit Boardroom Advisors were for my client…

Chris Budd, Founder, The Eternal Business

…he was a real asset in supporting us through rapid expansion…

Adam Ellis, Managing Director, Five Rivers

…he has had a significant impact on our approach to how we work as an agency…

Christian Harris, Managing Director, Sticky