Strategic Reviews

Strategic Reviews

We often begin with a Strategic Review which starts our engagement off on a firm footing as all of the relevant issues are discussed, and priorities and timescales agreed.

This can be a stand-alone piece of work which the client can implement themselves, but 90% of our clients continue on an on-going basis having seen our people in action.

The Strategic Review is up to 4 man-days work with both our Regional Director and the chosen Advisor involved. It is tailor-made for each client focusing on the key issues and opportunities but often consists of

  1. Internal Research – this may be reviewing business/marketing plans or interviewing stakeholders in the company.
  2. Strategic Workshop with the company stakeholders where the key issues and opportunities are discussed and major priorities and timescales agreed. This might be 4-5 hours on site or 2 x 2-2.5 hr group Zooms. We use different management tools for different challenges but these might include SWOT, MOST Analysis, Ansoff’s Matrix or OKRs, PEST Analysis, Porters 5 Forces etc. In addition, the Advisor will draw on experience and subject matter analysis.
  3. Report including 100-day plan outline and recommendations.
  4. Follow up meeting with the client to agree priorities, timescales and – if the client wants ongoing input from us – the number of days in the first month (this can be flexed up or down or paused or stopped in future months).

Complete the form and your local Regional Director will get in touch for an initial, exploratory discussion about how this could work best for your business needs.