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Introduction to Spain Region

Spain, as a country is located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula, in the far south-west of Europe. Madrid, the capital of Spain, is home to an estimate of 6.5 Million residents, 63% of which are of working age – one of the highest in Spain.

Madrid, with its blend of cultural diversity and high-level qualification, has been revealed as one of Europe’s biggest start up hubs.

The core businesses of Madrid are Service, Industrial and Construction sectors.

Many business start-ups choose Madrid because of its dynamic population and the level of vitality of the talent already living, working and studying here, making it a melting pot for talent.

Travel the country, Europe and more than 218 destinations with Madrid’s access to extensive transport network.

Antonio, Regional Director for Boardroom Advisors manages the Spain Region where we have a team of local Advisors and a national team of over 150 Advisors.

Boardroom Advisors Spain UK are proud to offer a premium service to help SMEs to scale up.

Our Advisors are all seasoned professionals who have been working with businesses across the Spain and Madrid region and Europe for many years and possess a diverse range of skills and sector experience.

Current roles being carried out by the team include:   

Cuatro Torres Business Area, Madrid

Reasons to be proud of Spain and Madrid for business & living:

  • Spain has been ranked as the second best country when it comes to work life balance according to “Better Life Index” report of OECD. (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development)
  • Madrid has the highest GDP per capita of € 33.809 among the Spanish regions. 19% percent of the national GDP of Spain is represented by the production within the region of Madrid.
  • Madrid Stock Exhange (BME Spanish Exchanges) is considered one of the world’s largest Stock Exchanges and has been ranked 20th globally  and 6th European market by market capitalization.
  • Madrid is the main hub of all main national and International financial institutions in Spain.
  • Ease of doing business in Madrid is guaranteed by its excellent land and air connectivity of the region  and economic links with the rest of Europe and Latin America.

Networking Events for MDs & CEOs

Madrid Chamber of Commerce (Monthly)

Increase your business opportunities and build a greater network of contacts through the networking events that we develop. These events are a great communication strategy and the most effective way to create business relationships that will undoubtedly help you to drive the growth of your organization. They are an opportunity to meet the most relevant professionals in your sector.

ICEX Fair (Yearly)

ICEX Spain Export and Investments organizes every year various forms of participation in an average of more than 300 competitions in a large number of foreign markets on all continents.
The main formulas used are Official Pavilions, Spain Spaces and Grouped Participations.

THE UK Border Operating model (September)

Webinar with UK Government experts about the new border operating model.

This webinar is aimed at Spanish and British traders moving goods between the United Kingdom and the European Union to prepare for the end of the transition period.

The event will detail requirements such as customs declarations, duty payments, EORI, etc.

The webinar will also explain the UK’s unprecedented £ 705 million investment which will fund new UK infrastructure, jobs and technology at the GB-EU border.

Barcelona New Economy Week (October)

The Barcelona New Economy Week – BNEW is a physical and digital B2B  event that brings together unique Logistics , Real Estate , Digital Industry , Ecommerce and Economic Zones events , all with a common denominator: the new economy .

BNEW will be a different and unique event due to its hybrid nature: a physical event that will be supported by a digital platform, so that everyone can be present.

      • A GREEN DEAL event
      • An event with maximum HYGIENIC-SANITARY MEASURES

ACM Business Networking “Leads” Group Meeting (Monthly)

This is a member-to-member professional business referral group. Participants attend their Leads Group to meet reliable vendors, establish a corporate network, increase company visibility, educate others about their products and/or services and, ultimately, increase sales. To participate in a Leads Group, one must be a member of the Club, or in the process of becoming a member.

Organisations Supporting Businesses in the Spain and Madrid

Spanish Chamber of Commerce

Camara de Commercio de Espana


The American Chamber of Commerce in Spain


Madrid Chamber of Commerce


ICEX (Spain Export and Investment)


British Chamber of Commerce in Spain


Madrid Emprende