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Saudi Arabian Region

Are you looking for part-time director level support for your business? Boardroom Advisors has a team of local advisors for businesses in the region of Saudi Arabia.

As well as the team of local advisors, Boardroom Advisors has a UK team of over 150 Advisors, available remotely. All of our Advisors have experience on Boards and have scaled up business before, so can provide their expertise for whatever challenges you scale-up or SME might face.

Bassam, Regional Director for Boardroom Advisors, will help connect you with the right support for your business. From Board Advisory through to CEOs with specialisations from Strategy to Sales, there’s an Advisor to suit you. You can find a full overview of our services here.

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Introduction to the Saudi Arabian Region

  • Saudi Arabia is the largest economy in the Middle East
  • Ranked 18th largest economy in the world with a top 50 GDP per capita
  • Economy is currently dominated by the oil industry, but looking to diversify more with new businesses
  • Has one of the youngest populations in the world, with much of its population starting or looking to start work

Saudi Arabia is located on the western coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is the largest nation in the area.

It has a population of approximately 35 million, 8 million of which live in its capital of Riyadh. Much of the country’s population lives along its coastline next to the Red Sea.

The core businesses are largely petroleum based, but Saudi Arabia has plenty of growth potential.

A more diverse base of businesses is important to many oil producing countries, so opportunities are rife to start a business that adds to the Saudi Arabian market.

Tourism is an ever growing sector of the economy, as is innovative agriculture that allows better use of the country’s landmass. 

There are lots of opportunities for growing a business in the Saudi Arabian region, whether in the capital or one of the country’s other hubs.