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Employee Ownership: A Complete Guide

Get instant access to the Complete Guide to Employee Ownership which contains everything a business owner or Board Director needs to know about this unique option

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Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor Ready

Get instant access to the Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor Ready which contains everything a business owner or Board Director needs to know about preparing for an equity raise.


The Essential Guide to Scale-up Challenges

Get instant access The Essential Guide to Scale-up Challenges which contains everything a business owner or Board Director needs to know about scaling up’s challenges.


Finance Diagnostic

This interactive Business Scale-up Finance Diagnostic has been created by business leaders who have scaled and sold businesses. It will help you identify areas of your finances that need work.

Boardroom Advisors Part-time Directors 28-min

Scale-up Growth Diagnostic

This interactive Business Scale-up Growth Diagnostic has been created by business leaders who have scaled and sold businesses. It will help you identify areas that need your focus to scale successfully.

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The Business Strategy Toolkit - create your actionable plan

Download all the files you need to create an actionable business strategy with this comprehensive Business Strategy Toolkit. Includes a webinar guide for implementation.


Innovator Visa Programme

If you are an entrepreneur who is eligible for a UK Innovator Visa and are looking for an Endorsing Body contact Boardroom Advisors today to discuss our Innovator Visa Programme.

5 Benefits of Business Coaching

Startup Visa Programme

If you are an entrepreneur who is eligible for a UK Startup Visa and are looking for an Endorsing Body contact Boardroom Advisors today to discuss our Startup Visa Programme.


Independent Trustee Placement

Access our Independent Trustee Placement service to connect your business with the trustees you need for your Employee Ownership Trust.

digital transformation review

Digital Transformation Review

Access a tailor made digital transformation review for your Scale-up Bussiness. Discover how to help your business grow digitally.

Part-time CEO

Part-time Finance Directors

Hiring a Part-time Finance Director without a permanent contract or long term commitment means you can benefit from expertise very quickly.

Part-time HR Director

Part-time HR Directors

For scale-ups & SMEs a Part-time HR Director may be ideal to help grow your business. Most have grey hairs, some have none, they all have experience.


Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

Find advice on selling your business, acquiring a business, or merging your business with another.

Boardroom Advisors

Planning for Exit

Find advice on planning how you will exit your business and the options available to you.


Succession Planning

Do you need to know what is involved in succession planning if you are on the Board? Learn about the options so you can prepare for the best outcome possible


Funding For Growth

When scaling up, you need to ensure your business has the funding for it. Learn where to find finance and investment is an important business challenge to master.

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Profit Improvement

See how your business can grow its profits. If you truly want to transform your business, you need a clear, direct, and measurable strategy to increase your profit.

Directors recruit and retaiun

Strategic Direction

Read how to generate a strategic direction for your business. Strategic direction is critical to propelling companies forward & enacting meaningful change.

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Business Planning

FInd out what to consider when planning your business’s future. What do you include in your business plan and how to go about making it?


Grow Your Business

What do you need to do to grow your business? Rapid, sustainable growth is at the centre of scaling up a business, and a key challenge.


Monitoring Performance

You can’t simply assume your strategies are working. For successful growth, you need to monitor your performance and stay on top of things.

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Management Structure

What could you do to improve your business’s management structure? Learn about what allows it to function without needing you to manage everything.

part-time IT director


Seer how our mentoring services allows business leaders like you to access one-to-one advice and support from an experienced expert in running and growing businesses.

Business Coaching Services Boardroom Advisors

Director Remuneration

Your Board of Directors need compensating for their time. See how you can create the right package to attract the business leaders you need at the right cost. 


Internal Systems

Learn about your business’s operational systems and their effects on profitability and productivity. Your operations may be slowing you down.

Portrait of smart business partners using laptop at meeting

Outsourcing And Supplier Management

From materials to marketing, outsourcing provides opportunities for almost every part of your business. Read our guide about this important aspect of running your business. 

business mentor

Legal And Risk

Learn how a business’s legal and risk strategies are crucial to its long-term resilience. Improper planning can lead to trouble and make you more vulnerable.

Diverse group of cheerful business people talking actively while standing by window in conference room

Corporate Governance

What rules and powers govern your Board of Directors? See how setting corporate governance allows you to define the role of a Director and facilitate leadership.

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Analyse your business’s strengths and weaknesses as well as possible changes in its future with this classic strategy tool resource.

Businesswoman in group meeting discussion with other businesswomen colleagues in modern workplace office with laptop computer and documents on table. People corporate business working team concept.

MOST Analysis

A resource for using MOST analysis, a tried and tested tool for generating a business strategy from your vision for your business.


Ansoff Matrix

Explore your business’s options to grow and diversify with this expansion strategy tool, from penetrating your marketing to full diversification. 

business valuation

Valuing Your Business

What you need to know when you want to find the value of your business, such as if looking to sell it.


Why Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT) are an Essential Option for SMEs

Find out all you need to know about Employee Ownership as an option for your SME. Learn how it works and how to prepare for a successful transition.


Employee Ownership Trust (EOT): A New Way of Succession Planning

Learn about Employee Ownership Trusts and how they create new options for the business owner that wants to leave their business in the hands of people who care.

business plan

How To Write a Business Plan

Knowing how to write a business plan is a crucial skill for all business leaders. Learn the basics of this vital tool with this article.

business plan

What Is a Business Plan?

Whether you’re starting out or thinking of exiting your business, see how creating a business plan can go a long way to support your growth.

raise funding

How To Raise Funding For Your Scale-up

Scaling up a business needs finance to make it possible. Knowing your options for how to raise funding is an important first step that you can learn with this article


International Investment / Investing in Europe – What to Think About

Investing in Europe and internationally has become a very different proposition for UK-based investors, but learn you can regain control over the risks.

Smiling businesswoman standing in front of flip chart for presentation with team. Woman giving presentation on sales strategies to colleagues in board room.

7 Business Challenges a Part-time Finance Director Can Help With

You want to make sure that your finances are in the best hands. See how a Part-time Finance Director could help with these financial business challenges.

The Internationalisation Fund in the UK

DIT Internationalisation Fund (UK): A Guide for SMEs

Do you think your UK business might qualify for the DIT Internationalisation Fund? Here’s all you need to know and how to get the support your SME needs to apply.

What APP UK & Platfform tell us about seed investment project

Focus on APP: Research into Seed Investment for Enterprise Cleaning

Gerry Wilkinson, South Wales Regional Director of Boardroom Advisors, interviewed Caroline Demoulpied as a research for a seed investment project.

part-time finance director

Scale-up Essentials Part II – Scale-up Finance To Grow Your Business

Finance is key to scaling up your business. Big growth needs big changes, and this article explains how you can go about funding them.

Pricing Models

How to Revise The Pricing Model For Your Business and Boost Your Profits

The ways by which firms choose how to price their products or services are also diverse. If you’re looking to boost your profits, this is something you ought to consider.

scaling up

Maximising Profitability by Outsourcing Senior Positions

Senior positions in your business need experts, but they don’t come cheap. Learn how outsourcing can gain you expertise without a hit to your profits.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Raise

This article will help to guide you through the questions you are most likely to have about raising funds for your business and get you investor-ready.

Boardroom Advisors - Part time directors36

Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Financials

Preparing your company for investment opportunities? This article will help explain the essentials of how to get your financials in order.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The People

This article will give you advice on all the people you need to have in your business leadership team in order to be investor-ready.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Pitch

Got your business up and running but never pitched to an investor before? This article will outline what your business you need to bring into a pitch.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Marketplace

This article asks the questions you need to know the answers to when preparing your pitch. To impress an investor you need to be prepared.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Customers

This article will give you top tips and advice on what it takes to be investor-ready when it comes to knowing your customers.


Scale-up Business Guide to Getting Investor-Ready: The Plan for Exit

To be investor-ready, you need to be already thinking about your exit strategy. This article will give two two classic business exit options.

Group of mixed race business people discussing work in conference room. Senior business manager guiding employees in meeting. Group of businessman and businesswoman working together while brainstorming and sharing new ideas and strategy.

Why do some business strategies fail?

Sometimes, business strategies fail. When you’re growing your business, this can be frustrating, but understanding why will help avoid it.


When to Scale-up: Growing Your Business

Becoming a Scale-up business is something to do only when you’re ready. When are you ready, though? It can be hard to tell without advice.

business plan

When Should a Business Plan be Modified?

No matter how experienced, no one can accurately predict the future. This article explains common situations when it’s time for the business plan to change.

strategic direction

Why Strategic Direction is Important When Scaling up

Learn how strategic direction is important for your business. Without one, a business can quickly lose focus and become scattered and confused.

Marketing Agencies

Mastering Marketing Agencies And Outsourcing

Hiring marketing agencies may see daunting for newer business owners. This article explores how scaling up your marketing’s a great tool for business growth.

customer retention

5 Tips For Great Customer Retention

Customer retention is crucial to a business’s success. Learn how growth needs to be maintained by keeping consumers happy.

Scale-up IT

Get Your Scale-up IT Right First Time: 7 Things You Need To Do

This article explains how scale-up IT is something to prepare for so that you get it right from the start.

Marketing strategy tools

Marketing Strategy Tools For Growing Your Brand

Your marketing strategy is how you’ll bring customers to your business, using theses marketing strategy tools is a great way to make sure you get it right.

Female professional giving a high five to her colleague in conference room. Group of colleagues celebrating success in a meeting.

5 Tips On How To Prepare For Scaling Up

Scaling up is an important step for your business, and there are a few things you need to have in hand before you start. This article introduces some of the most important.

marketing leads

Generate Better Marketing Leads: 5 Strategy Ideas

If you want to make more money, then you’re going to need more customers. Strong marketing leads draw in customers for your team to convert.

operations director

5 Business Challenges a Part-time Operations Director Can Help With

As your business grows, so too does the complexity of managing your employees, providing business challenges that a Boardroom Advisors Operations Director could help your business with.

customers think

Scaling Up Your Sales and Marketing I: Learn How Your Customers Think

Understanding people is an invaluable skill in business. Learn how customers think and you’ll find you’re more easily able to sell to them.

Build Trust

Marketing Strategy Guide: How To Build Trust

See how a customer is less likely to buy from someone they don’t trust and consider how you’ll build trust as an important part of your marketing strategy.

sales director

3 Business Challenges a Part-time Sales Director Can Help With

To make good profits, you need to get good sales. A Part-time Sales Director can bring knowledge of markets, strategy, and leadership.

marketing director

7 Business Challenges a Part-time Marketing Director Can Help With

If you want your market to know you exist, you need great marketing. Read about marketing challenges and how a Part-time Marketing Director could help .

sales pitch

Scaling Up Your Sales and Marketing II: Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Building your sales pitch by understanding how your customers think is important for scaling up your business’s sales and marketing strategies.

sales team

Scaling Up Your Sales and Marketing III: The Sales Team

To scale up your business’s sales process, you want to perfect your sales team. Learn what you need to make the most of yours.

Startup Visa

Startup Visa Endorsement Now Offered By Boardroom Advisors

The Startup Visa provides an opportunity to start a business in the UK. Boardroom Advisors now offers their services to you as an Endorsing Body.

Two confident young business people looking at computer monitor. He is pointing at something.

Innovator Visas and Startup Visas: What’s the difference? And what’s right for you?

Find out about the key similarities and differences between the UK Innovator Visas and the UK Startup Visas. Work out which Visa option is right for you and your business.

Boardroom Advisors Part-time Directors 33-min

UK Startup Visas for Entrepreneurs: 5 points you need to know

Read about the UK Startup Visa and the most important things to know about this opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Investor Visa

Tier 1 Investor Visa Route Closes: How the Innovator Visa Could be the Right Alternative Route For You

The Tier 1 Investor Visa has been closed to applications, however the Innovator Visa offers an alternative route for similar entry for you.

Digital Transformation review

Digital Transformation: What it Means For Your Business

Learn about an important digital growth concept. Digital transformation is changing how business is done and, in some cases, creating entirely new types of business.

IT Director

7 Business Challenges a Part-time IT Director Can Help With

IT is one of the most commonly overlooked parts of a business. You could need a part-time IT Director to help with these IT business challenges.

Boardroom Advisors - Part time directors5

25 Business Strategy Tools to Help Grow Your Business

This article gives you 25 of the best business strategy tools that will help you company grow and reach its potential.

Strategy Director

3 Business Challenges a Part-time Strategy Director Can Help With

A Strategy Director is a role that’s often misunderstood. When facing strategy business challenges like these, they might be the support you need.

Value Proposition

How to Create a Great Company Value Proposition in 3 Steps (With Examples)

Struggling to communicate your business? This article will give you tips on how to create your own brilliant and effective value proposition.

Boardroom Advisors - Part time directors37

Innovator Visa Replaces Tier 1 (Entrepreneur): a 5-Point Guide

Considering starting a business or bringing a business idea to the UK? This article will show you how to do this is through the Entrepreneur Innovator Visa Scheme.

Boardroom Advisors - Part time directors30

Innovator Visa Endorsing Bodies: 5 Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

This article will lay out what an Endorsing Bodies are and how they can benefit you, your innovator visa application and your business.

Driving company growth with share schemes

Driving Company Growth With Share Schemes

Our partners at Vestd give their take on why share schemes can be good for the bottom line. Whether you’re a business consultant or a company leader, it’s likely you’ve heard that share schemes are powerful drivers of business growth.

Business partnership coworkers writing cost work progress and using a tablet to analysis graph company financial budget report and planning for future in office room.

How Data Monetization is a Game Changer in the Boardroom

See examples of data monetization and how having the expertise of a data advisor in the Boardroom could transform your business. Get in touch today.

Employee Re-engagement

How to Gain Competitive Advantage Through Employee Re-Engagement

Are your team distracted and lacking engagement? Learn how you can gain competitive advantage through employee re-engagement by conducting a leadership audit.

Pricing Models

How to Create an Actionable Strategic Plan for your Business Strategy

This approach will help you update or create an actionable strategic plan for your business that you can implement now. Packed with tools and clear instructions. Download your toolkit to get started.

Part-time Executive, Fractional or Portfolio Directors

Why Hiring a Part-time Operations Director Makes Sense

Having a Part-time Operations Director can do wonders for your business, especially if you’re already trying to scale. Why? Read up!

Business Consultant

Getting the Help and Advice Your Scale-up Business Needs to Grow

Learn how a part-time executive or non-executive director or a business mentor could help you grow your scale-up business by supporting your strategic growth.

Business Mistakes

The 5 Huge Mistakes That Are Holding Back Your Business

Read about common mistakes that hold many business back from growing and scaling up properly.

BA Regional Directors

How to Identify, Recruit, and Retain Skilled Directors for your Board

Learn the basics of what you need from a new director for your business. This can help identify the best candidates to secure the leadership your business needs.

part-time strategy director

Why You Need a Part-time Strategy Director

Learn what a Strategy Director does and see how it could help your business grow to hire one onto your Board of Directors.

Marketing and sales in a scale up

Scale-up Essentials Part III – Sales and Marketing

Scaling up sales and marketing involves growing and developing strength in these areas that can be achieved quickly by enlisting the help of an experienced Commercial Director.


Scale-up Essentials Part I – Great Leadership to Grow Your Business

Scaling up your business is no easy task, and it needs great leadership. Learn what great leadership means for growing your business with this article.

Part time CEO

A Day in the Life of a Part-time CEO

Although bringing on a part-time CEO may seem odd at first, it’s no different to any other job. Read about what it’s like to be a CEO part-time, and see if this could fit your business’s needs.

Business Consultqant

How SMEs and Scale-ups Can Afford the Very Best Executive Directors on a Budget

Learn how part-time or fractional executives could be what your business needs to access the very best of directors at a more suitable price.


10 Business Strategy Mistakes All Scale-ups Need to Avoid

Read about mistakes that business leaders often make with their business strategy. Help your scale-up avoid set backs by following this article’s tips.

Pricing Model

How to Analyse Your Business Strengths and Weaknesses to Achieve Growth

Have you taken the time to work “on” your business, to really look at the business strengths and weaknesses that result in growth or that may be holding you back?

Business Consultant

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Next Business Consultant

What does your business consultant need to actually help your business? This article guides you through what you need to know when hiring one.

Global corporation online videoconference in meeting room with diverse people sitting in modern office and multicultural multiethnic colleagues on big screen monitor. Business technologies concept.

Why You Need Digital Expertise in the Boardroom

Digital expertise is crucial if you want your business to thrive in this digital age. Read why this skill is so important at the highest levels of your business.


The 5 Things You Need To Scale-Up Your Business

Read about some of the most important things to prepare before you try and scale up your business.

Employee Owership Trust

Who Should Sit On the Board of Your Start-up or Scale-up?

It’s important to have the right team on board when you go in for funding. Learn about your Board of Directors and how it may need to change as you grow.


How Diversity Can Help Your Organisation Overcome Business Challenges

Read about how having a business built on a diverse range of backrounds can help it grow and be more sustainable.

part-time sales director

9 Reasons Your Scale-up Business May Benefit from Mentoring

The support from a mentor can bring a lot to a business’s leader. See how mentoring may be able to benefit you and your business.


How to Create Your Board of Directors

Learn what it means to be a business’s director and what skills you should be including somewhere in your Board of Directors.

Weninar - Funding Options

Webinar: Grant, Equity and Alternative Funding Options as We Come Out of Lockdown

Expert business leaders discuss funding options both traditional and alternative for business leaders to use to grow their business.


From Seed to Series A Funding: The Steps You Need to Take

Scaling up a business can take a lot of finance. This webinar gives advice on getting your business ready to step up from seed funding to Series A searching.

Video - building better boards

Webinar: Building Better Boards

This webinar discusses how you can build a better board to help grow your business. If you’re struggling to get the skills and experience you need on your board then there are solutions you may not have considered.

VIDEO - Scale-up Challenges

Webinar: Scale-up Challenges

This webinar explores the 16 key challenges that make it easy to identify key areas you need to tackle in your business. Packed with strategies and tactics to help achieve scale-up success.

VIDEO - Strategy for the new normal

Webinar: Strategy for the “New Normal”

This webinar explains how to address the leadership capacity gap using a combination of a new Crisis Assessment Tool, SWOT and MOST Analysis that ties strategy to action.

video - growth strategy

Webinar: Growth Strategy to Maximise Opportunities Coming out of Lockdown

A webinar on growing a business post lockdown – putting systems, processes and teams together, how to analyse options in the “new normal” and create an actionable plan.

Video - building better boards

Webinar: Building Boards and Advisors with John Courtney

How to build a Board of Directors for a scale-up business or SME. A webinar lead by a serial entrepreneur with expertise in scaling businesses.

The Peer Space Review v2 no play button

The Peer Space Fireside Chat with John Courtney, CEO of Boardroom Advisors

The Peer Space fireside chat, hosted by Niall Jones, interviewing John G. Courtney, CEO & Founder of Boardroom Advisors.

Boardroom Advisors Founder Friday

Founder Friday: Entrepreneurs, Innovators and CEOs Share Their Success Stories

Founder Friday hosted by Stewart Noakes, featuring CEO John Courtney talking about his experiences of starting businesses.

Taverners Video Cardv2

Introducing Boardroom Advisors’ Charity Partner: Lords Taverners

Learn about the work that Lords Taverners do in the community across the UK working with disadvantaged children and children with learning disabilities to bring joy through sport.


VIDEO – Digital Tools to Improve Your Business Growth

Hidai, Regional Director, talks us through his recommendations for digital tools to improve your business growth.


VIDEO – Opportunities for Scaleup & SME Businesses with IoT, Dig Data and Artificial Intelligence

Tacis, Regional Director, talks us through the opportunities that are on the horizon for scaleup businesses and SMEs with regards to the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence.


VIDEO – Evolution of the Digital World Post Pandemic

Tacis, Regional Director, shares his expert knowledge of the evolution of the digital world post pandemic and how there is opportunity for SMEs and scale-ups to grow with the right strategies and skills in place.


VIDEO – Where Will Recovery Come From for Your Business: Consumer Behaviour, Innovation and Skills

Tacis shares his views on three key areas to consider when it comes to your business recovery and growth as we return to work and look to the future.

Case Study - Apricot

Case Study - Apricot

See how Boardroom Advisors worked with Apricot to provide strategy, funding and growth advice which helped to transform their business for the future

Fiver Rivers Case Study

Case Study - Five Rivers

See how Board, sales and operational process transformation has facilitated sustainable growth for Fiver Rivers

Case Study - Sticky

Case Study - Sticky

See how a clear and smart strategic planning process was required to set Sticky on a path to significant growth following a merger combined with a rapidly changing market.

Data in the Boardroom

Case Study - Kaiasm

See how Kaiasm’s sales process, leads and sales team benefited from the expertise of an Advisor who is highly skilled in this area.

Fulcrum image 1

Case Study - Fulcrum

See how Boardroom Advisors support and mentor Fulcrum with specialised marketing expertise to help them grow.

Strategic Groeth Case Study - DeltaXML

Case Study - DeltaXML

See how DeltaXML found the right mix of expertise, availability and approach with Boardroom Advisors to accelerate their growth.

Lux Rewards

Case Study - Lux Rewards

See how Boardroom Advisors supported LUX Rewards from an idea to a £1.5million valuation.


Case Study - Accelerate Agency

See how Boardroom Advisors enhanced growth for an early stage Digital Agency by developing a focused business strategy


Case Study - FSEW

See how Boardroom Advisors worked with FSEW to digitally transform their business with guidance on a solutions architecture strategy.