Chairman/Non-Executive Director/Board Advisor/Mentor



Big Business Experience

Thomas Cook

Going Places

Small Business Experience

Flats In Leeds


Having been the CEO of 2 x multi-billion dollar brands, created 6 successful exits and still having an active role in 10+ start up / scale up ventures at any given time Terry is a serial entrepreneur with unrivalled cross-sector experience.


  • Business Achievement Award by the British Travel Industry Hall Of Fame

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Growing via cashflow or scaling via acquisitions
  • Developing strategic growth plans
  • Increasing acquisition value
  • Raising Finance
  • Sector experience in:
    • Travel
    • Publishing
    • Social Media
    • Sport
    • Art
    • Property
    • Wellness
    • Fintech
    • eSports
    • FMCG
    • Advertising and Communication


Terry is a seasoned business leader with over three decades of experience in driving success for Scale-Ups and SMEs. Terry’s expertise shines through in his ability to craft strategic growth plans, enhance acquisition value, and raise finance effectively. He’s equally adept at both scaling through acquisitions and fostering organic growth via prudent cashflow management.

Terry’s sector experience spans Travel, Publishing, Social Media, Sport, Art, Property, Wellness, Fintech, eSports, FMCG, Advertising, and Communication. His versatile leadership extends to embracing emerging trends in Fintech, eSports, and Social Media, offering innovative solutions for businesses in the digital era.

Beyond his professional achievements, Terry is deeply passionate about wellness and personal development, creating a culture of well-being within organisations.

In essence, Terry is a growth visionary, equipped with the knowledge and strategic acumen to steer businesses toward sustainable success in an ever-evolving business landscape.