Chairman / Non-Executive Director / Board Advisor



Big Business Experience

Barclays de Zoete Wedd Limited

Hambros Bank Limited

Small Business Experience

Corbett Keeling Limited

Cripps Barn Group Limited


Over approximately 35 years, Simon has been advising large and small companies, personal clients, government departments and others on all aspects of business.  This has given him exposure to and experience and expertise in solving business problems of all kinds, starting with financial matters and ensuring that corporate liquidity is safeguarded and extending to include personnel, HR and operational aspects of business life including sales and marketing.

For the last six years Simon has applied himself to being Finance Director of a family owned wedding business.


  • Cranfield School of Management – degree in Business Administration (MBA), 1982 / 1983
  • Dangerous Sports Club – amateur, 1979 / 1981
  • University of Oxford, 1975 / 1978 – After winning an Open Exhibition to Christ Church, I graduated with a degree in Engineeringing Science, 1975 / 1978

Key Areas of Expertise

Top financial skills:

  • Analysis
  • Modelling
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Reporting
  • Internal controls


2015 to Present

Cripps Barn Group Limited

In 2015 Simon moved from London to live in Gloucestershire and began working full time as Finance Director of Cripps Barn Group Limited, a privately owned wedding business where the principal services provided are the rental of premises and the provision of food and drink for wedding parties.

1996 to 2014

In partnership with Brother, Jim as joint owner-managers of Corbett Keeling Limited

Corbett Keeling was and remains a boutique City of London corporate finance business focused on servicing private, often family owned businesses and advising on M&A opportunities and capital raising projects.

1992 to 1996

Employment in the corporate finance arm of investment bank Barclays de Zoete Wedd Limited

BZW was in the 1990s the only serious British contender as a one stop shop investment bank.  Corporate finance clients were for the main part public companies with shares quoted on LSE.