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Big Business Experience


CAP Gemini

Small Business Experience

LKM (recycling)

Goodwood Group


Russ is a mechanical and production engineer (C Eng) then IT in the aircraft industry followed by consultancy in other manufacturing companies. Latterly director level in IT services companies prior to founding own IT company which became quoted on the AIM market.

Since early retirement, Russ has been advising and mentoring SMEs in, for example, recycling, satellite R&D, construction, tanning studios, etc.


  • HNCs x 2 (degree equivalent)
  • Technical State Scholarship
  • C Eng

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Working constructively and helpfully with chairmen, CEOs, directors and owners.
  • Mentoring to enable and assist board members to achieve challenging aspirations.
  • Very experienced chairman e.g. boards, conferences, promotional events
  • Development of business development teams to drive growth.
  • Highly developed ability to analyse and diagnose issues concerning financial performance, management performance and cultural situations


  • Business Modelling – Assisted an internet platform and database business to identify an optimal business model to enable high growth and profit. Worked with client to develop the business plan followed by introductions and negotiations with potential funders along with introduction to a key source of marketing expertise.
    Client Comment: “Russ is always positive in offering his sound advice and support”
  • Vision and Market Objectives – Worked with owner and CEO of a motor racing management company based at Silverstone. Helped with the positioning of the business in the motor racing industry and in evolving a strategy for growth. Helped to define their range of services including the feeder programme which trains and qualifies aspiring racing drivers.
    Client Comment: “Russ is charismatic and inspirational with a unique ability engage with directors and employees at all levels”
  • Quick Fixes – Worked with a prestige plastering company with modern and heritage projects. They were doing outstanding work gaining them industry awards but needing a roadmap for profitable growth. This involved initially some “quick fixes” including improvements in marketing and sales, sales proposals, project accounting and control and customer loyalty.
    Client Comment: “Russ is a great guy to work with. Always constructive, good humoured with solid advice; we’ve never had cause to disagree with his input”
  • 3 Year Plans – Several clients have worked with Russ to develop this fundamental building block. The plastering company was one of these but others included a satellite R&D company expanding to manufacturing, a recycling company and a tanning salon chain. The acid test for 3 Year Plans he develops with his clients is “are they realistic and achievable?” Implementation is best delegated to managers who are committed to them and have a track record for performance. Should they also be used for obtaining funding they need to be comprehensive and thorough. Experienced in sourcing funding.
    Client Comment: “Our relationship with Russ has been an outstanding success”
  • Planning for Growth – Occasionally Russ helps clients who have experienced early success but now ready to build an organisation and financial structure fit for a larger company with high growth potential.
    Adoption of a more formal management structure with regular board meetings (but not always) and reporting. Modularisation of the business reflecting market or product/service segments is usually on the agenda along with a profit centred accounting system.
    Client Comment: “My whole team greatly respect and appreciate Russ’s input and guidance”
  • Driving Growth – The transition from small company to a larger company often requires the development of a “business development group” to drive marketing and sales. This enables progress from director only selling to a team which is proportionately resourced. The business development group which Russ sets up and lead has achieved 25% year on year growth.
    Client Comment: Russ’s initiative and recruitment for our BDG was a game changer for us”
  • Preparation for Exit and Negotiation: Russ took his own company to a quote on the London Stock Exchange and subsequently negotiated its sale to an American corporation. Recently negotiated the sale of a major recycling company to a large corporate buyer.