Board Advisor


Big Business Experience

Deutsche Bank

Brunswick Group

Small Business Experience

Shirlaws Group

Powerscourt Group


Roderick builds modern B2B businesses top down and bottom up.

He excels at getting executive teams ready for transformational funding events.
Drawing on a unique combination of corporate law, financial expertise gained from Cranfield MBA and experience of growing businesses from inside and out, he helps ambitious management deliver their vision.

With a deep understanding of complex business structures; comfortable operating in a regulated environment; proven ability to identify and win new business in a range of sectors. He is able to marry the forensic skills required to weave regulation into good governance with the ability to engage internal and external audiences.


  • Law Degree LLB (Hons) Dip. L.P. (Edinburgh)
  • Qualified Solicitor in England/Wales and Scotland (not practising).
  • MBA (Cranfield)

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Critical friend to the Leadership team
  • Working on the business not in the business – Vision and Strategy Development
  • Freeing your team to run the business – Culture as an Asset, Leadership and Succession
  • Preparing for corporate finance – Fundraising Preparation, Equity Storyboard Creation, M&A, IPO preparation


  • Capable, experienced business coach/consultant/mentor with 15 year record of achieving results with often ‘stuck’ businesses helping them get to the ‘next level’.
  • Unique skillset to cover strategy development, revenue growth, and risk management.
  • Legally trained and understand the culture and practice of law (Clifford Chance, Deutsche Bank).
  • My time in strategic/financial communications allowed me to understand how to build profitable consulting practices and deliver critical advice to clients (Brunswick, Powerscourt).
  • As a business growth advisor, trained in a methodology derived from fund management to drive intangible asset growth into SMEs, I know the mathematics of business – team sizes; efficiency ratios; the number of touchpoints required to create client loyalty (Shirlaws/SGFE).
  • Have grown businesses from micro-SME to scaling mid-tier companies – as a leader and as an advisor.