Non-Executive Director, Board Advisor, Mentor


 Big Business Experience
Wavecrest UK, Price Waterhouse, Chase Manhattan Bank, DHL, TeliaSonera, ZAMIL Industrial

Small Business Experience

AGE Concern, YACK.Net, Marshall Gurney Institute



I am a driven and ambitious business executive and consultant who thrives on challenges and have a proven track record of success in delivering highly sensitive and risky projects in hostile and demanding environments. With a background in finance and telecommunications, my experience extends from mergers and acquisitions to corporate finance, both in the boardroom and more recently in developing key business stakeholder and support strategies and seeing them through implementation to delivery. My experience includes SMEs as well as large corporates.

I have strong interpersonal skills and a deep intercultural understanding, which means I am well suited to working with global organisations.  I bring innovation into the workplace and have been instrumental in developing commercial relationships.


  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (Shaftesbury University, USA)
  • (Hons) – Banking and Finance (Loughborough University, UK)
  • AIMC – Associate of Institute of Management Consultancy (UK)
  • ACIB – Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers (UK)

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Finance
  • Business Development
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Project Management
  • Export and Import
  • Operations
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Education and Learning
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


Launching new Products and Services

Management of critical, time and culture sensitive projects

Emergencies and Disaster Management

Business Turnarounds

Mergers, Acquisitions and Scale-Ups

Brand Creation (Digital Channels and Social Media)

Development of Business Partnerships

Creation of Unique Selling Points and Value Propositions

Lead Generation / Sales