Chairman / Non-Executive Director



Big Business Experience

SMBC Bank International Plc

UK Export Finance

Small Business Experience

Hertsmere Developments Limited

Elstree Film Studios


  • Chairman, Executive Director, and non-executive Director in a variety of small companies.
  • Specialist in Project and Export Finance. Expertise in ECA funding solutions structuring and arranging loan transactions across a broad range of sectors.
  • Finance and credit risk professional with experience working with boards in both large and small companies.
  • Experience in strategic planning and business re-engineering to adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Well-established track record in problem solving and negotiating “win-win” outcomes for diverse stakeholders.
  • Extensive property management and development experience.


  • King’s College London, LLB in English Law
  • Sorbonne, Université de Paris – Maîtrise ès Droit (Masters in French Law)
  • Joint degree course including elements of International Law and EU Law.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial analysis and control
  • Trade and export finance
  • Risk management and mitigation including political, regulatory, and cross-border risks
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation to achieve win-win-win results for multiple stakeholders
  • Legal documentation for loans and related contracts
  • Property management and development


  • Paul has over 35 years’ experience in trade and project finance, including nine years at ECGD (now UK Export Finance), supporting exporters large and small.
  • His expertise covers short-term trade credit, receivable finance, and long-term debt structures to finance investments in major projects. In the latter, Paul has worked on supply chain solutions to support sub-contractors and companies new to exporting. By designing facility documentation around actual client processes, Paul has helped simplify payment flows on large projects to the benefit of all parties involved.
  • His roles have included policy and strategic development both in public and private sectors. In terms of business planning, Paul has introduced new products to seize market opportunities and successfully adapted strategies in response to external crises.
  • Alongside a financial career Paul has served his local community as a Councillor, using his expertise to improve efficiency and resilience in local government.
  • Paul is also an entrepreneur, having established his first business while still at university. Since then, Paul has been involved in numerous start-up businesses, and remains actively engaged with several of these.