Board Advisor

Cardiff, South Wales

 Big Business Experience
ECG, Engineering Consultants Group



Mohamed is an entrepreneur and innovator, experienced business development manager and gifted engineer. He has worked extensively in Egypt and Kuwait responsible for business in the GCCs and Africa before starting“Balsamee” in UK.  He has been involved in starting and running several businesses, developing new business relationships with clients, channel sales partners and government bodies.  Highly articulate and multilingual he is passionate about healthcare technology and the need to empower communities and engage them with healthcare systems using simple and intuitive Mobile-Health solutions.  His skills include business development, strategic planning and managing new operations be them Start-Ups or International expansion.


  • Master of Business Administration MBA with a major in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Electrical Engineering (Communication and Electronics Section), Graduation Project: Telemedicine (Transmission of bio-signals over computer network).

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Mobile/Digital health technology
    • Patient engagement and empowerment
    • Care in the community
    • Computer aided detection (AI and Machine Learning)
    • HealthCare imaging
    • System integration
    • Remote health monitoring devices
  • Start-Ups and entrepreneurship
    • Business Development
    • Sales and Marketing Strategy and delivery
    • Exports to new markets especially MEA region
    • Business models innovation
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Project management, operation and delivery
  • Automatic Control Systems
    • PLC
    • SCADA
    • Instrumentation


Mohamed had always been solicitous about the necessity to involve technology in facilitating the delivery of health care services within the patient natural community. Through his position as the managing director of Balsamee, Mohamed got involved in several R&D initiatives that spur the influence of digital health technology in improving patient treatment outcomes by disrupting the ways healthcare is being practiced and enabling more efficient service delivery. Mohamed received his BSc. in communication and electronics engineering from Alexandria university with major in telemedicine and got his MBA from the Arab academy for science and technology with a major in marketing. During his eighteen years career, Mohamed used to manage NabdaCare- a Tamkeen Capital VC company, he co-founded and managed sales and business development at Soulintec, a company specialised in automatic control and identification. Mohamed also led Soulintec’s expansion into the GCC market.