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Big Business Experience

TUI / Thomson Holidays


Small Business Experience


The Original Factory Shop


Michael is an experienced adviser with more than 60 clients under his belt since 2011. He’s perceptive and astute as well as inspiring, energetic and people-focused.

He’s worked business-to-business and business-to-consumer with some of the most recognisable brands in the UK as well as exciting and game-changing SME businesses across a wide spectrum of sectors.

With board-level experience as a results-focused marketer as well as sales, business finance, consultancy and elite sport expertise, Michael is seen as a valued and trusted adviser.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Thinking big picture
  • Analysing markets to identify opportunities
  • Defining a clear business proposition
  • Launching products that increase revenue and profitability
  • Aligning Sales and Marketing to work co-operatively’
  • Building a team, managing budgets and reporting
  • Implementing systems to streamline processes and maximise opportunities’
  • Clarifying objectives and helping embed a business culture


After a career with Barclays and the Bank of New York, Michael stepped out on his own to provide strategic marketing and business advice in 2011, helping businesses understand their best opportunities and to create a plan to scale up.

With experience across everything from textiles to greenkeeping, he’ll bring strategic and creative thinking a business like yours.

His expertise in marketing, business finance, sales, business management and elite sports performance creates a unique blend of commercial awareness and strategic knowledge.

He’s energetic, pragmatic and down to earth, painting a vivid picture of the success factors for people at all levels in a business.

In a digital world, Michael delivers real results.

Some SME highlights:

  • Helping grow a protective garment manufacturer 3x and become sector No.1
  • Changing the game in packaging with a stand out promise and approach to winning business, seeing the business 3x
  • Helping sub £1 million challenger win the year’s biggest tender worth £4.5m.
  • Using data analysis and targeting to turn declining revenues into 30% growth from existing customers
  • Making ecommerce recommendations to CEO and PE investors for a high-street retailer.