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Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jefferies International Limited

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Mayank, an esteemed financial professional with a substantial educational foundation from Imperial College London, boasts a decade of success in London’s finance sector, notably in electronic trading and quantitative management at leading firms such as Bank of America.

As the Founder & CEO of a financial solutions company, he has led ground-breaking achievements in fintech, including facilitating over $200M in remittances. Additionally, he is committed to educational philanthropy, significantly supporting the Pratham Education Foundation.

His career highlights innovation, leadership, and a deep commitment to positive societal impact.


  • Chartered Financial Institute Chartered Financial Analyst | 2015
  • Imperial College Business School Master of Science in Financial Engineering | 2011
  • PES University Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication | 2010

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Financial services
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Fintech
  • Team building
  • Strategising
  • Financial modeling
  • Entrepreneurship


Mayank is a distinguished Chartered Financial Analyst with a remarkable academic background and nearly a decade of experience in the financial industry. Holding a rank and possessing an M.S. in Financial Engineering from Imperial College London, complemented by a B.Tech in Telecom Engineering, Mayank has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for positive change.

His career journey includes significant contributions to tier-1financial institutions in London, such as Bank of America, Merrill, and Jefferies, where he excelled as a Vice-President specializing in electronic stock trading and quantitative portfolio management. Mayank’s expertise in electronic trading, portfolio optimization, and quantitative investment strategies is a testament to his unique blend of financial acumen and strategic vision.

Mayank’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the financial sector. His active involvement in the Executive Committee at Pratham Education Foundation reflects his dedication to philanthropy and education. Earlier roles, including an Associate position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and a Research Assistant role at DRDO, Bangalore, showcase his diverse skill set and leadership capabilities.

His career trajectory reflects consistent dedication to excellence, and his passion for driving positive change in the financial sector sets him apart as a dynamic and visionary professional.