CEO / Chairman / Non-Executive Director / Board Advisor

London, Surrey, Middlesex, East & West Sussex, Essex, Bucks, Berks, Herts, Hants

Big Business Experience

Vistage International

Small Business Experience

White Light Group Ltd



Board Chair, former Chief Executive & Business Growth Specialist, expert in bringing a creative force to the development of business strategies for ambitious SMEs to drive cultural & organisational change.

Key strengths include: leveraging background in growing a global industry trade association as CEO to build collaborative internal relations & external business presence; advising on the start-up/scale-up of multinational commercial operations to drive sustainable growth; providing a customer-facing presence to clearly communicate & present the core vision of the business; and nurturing trusted stakeholder relations up to Board level to win cross-party buy in to business goals & embed corporate governance.


35+ Years’ experience of senior level management in SMEs

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Non-Executive Director / Chair / Trustee
  • Former CEO
  • Cultural / Operational Planning
  • Corporate Governance
  • Extensive Board Level Experience
  • Strategic Vision Development
  • Financial / Ethical / Corporate Probity
  • Business / Project Analysis
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Facilitator / Mediator
  • Training / Mentoring / Coaching
  • Business Development
  • Team Building
  • Global Strategic Partnerships


February 2016 to present

Vistage International (UK) Ltd – Vistage is a leading global executive peer-group organisation. 20k worldwide members.  Vistage Private Advisory Board Chair

Group Chairman, facilitator and business coach in an environment where group members can advise one another by testing plans, assumptions and decisions, and learn from a worldwide network of business experts.

Help business leaders make better decisions, achieve better results and lead more fulfilling lives to enable them to achieve their company’s full potential for profit, turnover, commercial growth and an engaged workforce.

Launched first London based CEO Advisory Board in December 2016.

Additional London based Key Executive Group running from September 2018

Chair monthly group meetings along with monthly 1-2-1s for all members.

Facilitate internal strategic planning & problem resolution sessions for members.

Actively recruited group members with company turnover circa £10M – £50M.