Board Advisor / Mentor


Big Business Experience

SWEB (South West Electricity Board)


Small Business Experience

Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)



Mark is a seasoned MBA executive who has worked with various global associations, global 100 companies, SME’s and startups to develop their products, marketing and business. He believes in the value of personal relationships, business partnerships and commercial alliances in order to get the best results in the most efficient way.

He has worn many hats in his career – including innovation and business developer, product owner, creator, marketer, evangelist, spokesperson, strategist, program and project manager and mentor…. across a range of technology products including mobile, immersive and IoT technologies in B2C, B2B markets in an international context.


  • Data, computing and information – The Open University – 2011
  • Master of Business Administration – The Open University – 2008
  • Professional Diploma in Management – The Open University – 1998
  • Qualified Career Coach & Mentor – Orange – 2007

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Business creator, developer, evaluator
  • Business case development and review
  • Business development and sales
  • Product owner, developer, reviewer, delivery and launch
  • Marketing, channel development and testing
  • Building personal relationships, business partnerships and commercial alliances
  • Mentoring, advising supporting
  • Strategy development, review and advice


Grow and Nurture

Scale-Up and SME’s challenges include being able to grow the business as well as support and nurture the current customers. My experience includes developing a strategy and implementation plans to support these conflicting opportunities.

New markets and products

Experienced in how to enter new markets, pivoting or adding new revenue streams. Example includes helping a bespoke software company evaluate (e.g. cost, time, market and revenue etc) the opportunity to develop a product solution and proving strategic insight on how to enter a new industry (e.g. healthcare).

Testing sales channels

Helping companies test new sales channels in a controlled and measurable way is a great way to grow the business.

Boardroom support

By supporting and running my own board meetings, I can provide insight and practical experience in running effective board meetings so they provide strategic benefit and help develop your business.

Sounding board

Running a business can be a lonely and difficult task. Discussing the changes with experienced, “battle scared” and empathetic sounding board helps frame problems, opportunities and drive clear decision thinking.