Board Advisor / Mentor



Big Business Experience


Credit Suisse First Boston

Small Business Experience

ANLP International



Kash is a multi-faceted business strategist with an international track record of maximising SME potential.

Kash has worked in large corporates on four continents across the Energy, Telecoms and IT sectors and had great success is B2B Sales strategies.  Kash passed his MBA in 2015, focusing his dissertation on how academic theory could be applied practically and dynamically to the under-served SME sector.

Since 2002 Kash has been a Consultant and Board Advisor to over 100 Corporates and SMEs, has mentored over 50 SME Owner/Managers and has owned and run six successful Consulting companies.


  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA), University of Derby, 2015
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Business/Sales Strategy
  • Business Plan Development
  • Business Network Mapping
  • Executive Mentoring
  • Channel Strategy


  • Designed a Sales strategy for an SME client leading to 200% increase in revenue in 12 months. This was a full restructure of the business and growth into new international markets.
  • Developed a SME client partnership model leading to USD $2m in joint venture revenues. Found symbiotic partners who jointly bid for several projects with complementary, non-competing services.
  • Designed and developed a client SME Business service for a large corporate leading to USD $5m contract. The client asked for a convincer strategy to allow them to work with Corporate clients.
  • Designed a growth strategy for a client SME leading to 50% growth in overall revenues in 12 months. An internationally known client wanted to expand market reach and develop new services.
  • Designed a product strategy for a client leading to the award of a USD $20m Government contract. This project involved pitching to a giant Technology company and then negotiating with 14 Government Ministries on behalf of the client.
  • Mentoring several SME Owner Managers and developing business plans, one of whom won Guardian Small Business of the Year Award, 2016.