Non-Executive Director / Board Advisor / Mentor


Big Business Experience



Small Business Experience




Jonathan’s experience of sales management and strategy stretches over 35 years, across a very wide variety of industries. During his many roles in as Sales Manager/Director he has set up, as well taken over poor performing teams and turn them in to highly productive sales units.

Since 2004 Jonathan has set up and run a successful consultancy which specializes in improving the sales performance of SME and large companies in the UK and Middle East. Jonathan’s unique approach allows him to identify the potential opportunities and develop a sales strategy and then deliver the changes into profit.


35 years at University of Life

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Writing sales strategies
  • Writing sales process
  • Identify and write sales competencies
  • Define Sales structures
  • the right sales process for your company
  • Sales measurement tools and review techniques
  • Define and replicate top performance
  • Entering new markets plans and launching new products
  • Training, coaching and mentoring for sales leaders and salespeople


  • Business strategy to secure growth
  • Implementing change in sales and marketing to achieve growth
  • Training sales skills and behaviours for success
  • Sales management coaching and mentoring to improve leadership in sales
  • Develop the Sales Process to fit your company to make it repeatable and scalable
  • Team Building – getting the right people, doing the right things, with the right behaviours
  • Solid foundations for growth – consolidation of fundamentals for growth
  • Business development Strategy – to help Start-up to Scale-up
  • Sales pipeline management, what to measure and how to effectively review a sales pipeline
  • Develop Account Management plans to help grow business with existing customers.
  • Develop rewards and commissions plan to support growth plans
  • Identify opportunities for new markets and route to market
  • Change management experience to help all of the above actually happen!