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After leaving Carlsberg, Jonathan founded a sales and consultancy company to enhance clients’ business development through short to mid-term contracts. With extensive experience in Sales and Purchasing across industries like Food & Drink and Automotive, he offers adaptable skills.

While deep market sector knowledge isn’t necessary, Jonathan leverages universal commercial principles. Many clients struggle with underperforming Field Sales Teams, but swiftly identifies and addresses issues through thorough audits and trust-building. His approach prioritizes sustainable solutions, leaving lasting positive impacts beyond contract completion.


  • ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors
  • Full Member of the Association of Business Mentors
  • Member of the Institute of Sales Management
  • Degree in Communication Studies B.A. (Hons.)

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Sales Strategy / Management / Processes / Negotiation / Business Planning
  • Sales Training / Sales Operations
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring / Coaching


  • Sales Director – Turning around an underperforming team of 45 people with 2,500 Customers and £50m turnover.
  • Sales Development Director – Developing a Sales Strategy which involved changing the role of all Salespeople across Carlsberg’s Free Trade so that they sold across a range of wholesaled products as well as our own brewed ones.
  • Purchasing Director – using the knowledge I had gained at Carlsberg to undertake significant improvements in costs, range and customer satisfaction within two hospitality businesses.
  • Commercial Director – gaining new listings for a brand new category (magazines) in a Major Multiple (Wilkinsons) which doubled the turnover of the company and secured employment for over 30 people.
  • Interim Sales Director – Devised a strategy and then recruited and trained the team to deliver it in the Fire Appliance Industry. Developed added value sales through cross selling initiatives.
  • Management Consultant – working across a wide variety of sectors to Audit the Sales function to determine how quick and cost effective improvements can be made as well as developing long term initiatives once that value has been established.