Board Advisor


Big Business Experience


Thomson Reuters

Small Business Experience

Bridge Robotics


John has 25 years’ experience in start-ups, SMEs, new divisions, and acquisitions as Business Development and Corporate Development officers and consultant.   He was promoted during two Turn-Arounds and co-founded two start-ups.  Founded Business Development function for CRM Analytics and Robotics Software start-ups.

Has Silicon Valley B2B Internet, software and hardware experience in all aspects of Start-up lifecycle; some from start-up, investor and portfolio management perspectives.

Has walked into chaotic situations and helped achieve actionable, customer-facing consensus.

As member of the Board, Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs (Director Emeritus); led resolution of key governance issues.


  • BS Electrical Engineering (Purdue)
  • MBA
  • 25 years, advising start-ups and SMEs; including 12 years in Silicon Valley

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Vision and strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Becoming investment ready
  • Business coaching/advisory/mentoring to Start-up/SME CEOs
  • Hitech start-up portfolio management
  • SAAS
  • Manufacturing shop floor
  • International relocation of Start-up HQ
  • M&A
  • Strategy, Deal Flow, Selection for venture capital


John is a Business Development and Corporate Development Executive.  He has experience with start-ups, new ventures within Fortune 100s, and portfolio management of start-ups.

20 years advising start-ups in Silicon Valley and the EU

Advised Hitech investors including NEC Semiconductor (Japan) venture capital fund

Coach for incubators in Silicon Valley and Europe;
including The Enterprise Network of Silicon Valley and TechBA

One man Board of Directors for 16 start-ups in a Silicon Valley accelerator


Employee Experience:

Vice President Business Development,, acquired by Lexis-Nexis

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of a Merger and Acquisition unit of International Thomson, now Thomson Reuters

District Sales Manager, Chicago for ADP Network Services

Co-founded Taligo and Bridge Robotics

VP Business Development, Bridge Robotics

Promoted during two Turn-Arounds


Boards of Directors – Past

Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs (Director Emeritus)

Silicon Valley Engineering Council

IEEE Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley

Standards Board of Association for Intelligent Information Management

Coade Inc