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Jason is a highly experienced HR and Employment Law Consultant in both internal and outsourced HR for micro, SME and PLC organisations.

Jason’s technical ability and insight into HR and Employment Law gives business owners the ability to make clear strategic decisions based on legislation, processes and judicial precedent. From individual employee cases to senior management positioning, Jason works with boards to identify all aspects of people management, development and business growth.

Jason’s award-winning company NORI HR achieved high scale-up recognition and after just 2 years of trading, established the UK’s first fully comprehensive, multi-service HR White Label service.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Internal and Outsourced HR and Employment Law.
  • HR structure and processes.
  • Interpretation and application of Employment Law.
  • Understanding of employment judicial precedent.
  • Employment tribunal planning.
  • TUPE legislation.
  • Redundancy processes / scale down programmes.
  • Franchise HR.
  • Employee relations and culture.
  • People succession planning and restructure.
  • Skills matrix management.
  • HR Management Software.


Established own HR & Employment Law scale-up family business.

Delivers HR consultancy work to one of the largest fast-food restaurant franchise businesses in the UK.

Multi-award winners including Regional Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year and finalist in Family Business of the Year and Sub-36 (age) Professional of the Year.

Established UK’s first fully comprehensive, multi-service HR White Label provision for related businesses such as Accountants, Recruitment Agencies, Facilities Management and Business Consultants.

Delivers HR consultancy to micro, SME, Blue-Chip and PLC businesses.

Senior HR Advisor experience at national and multi-national consultancies

Ran successful government ‘Kickstart Scheme’ in own business; a programme creating 90 jobs and training provision for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

Identifies and creates strategic business partnerships with key stakeholders such as Lobbyists, local respected business / community influencers, accredited awarding bodies and software developers.

Developed business Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and campaigns raising over £50,000 through donations, projects and service contributions.