Chairman / Non-Executive Director / Board Advisor / Mentor



Big Business Experience

Mitie Group plc

Group 4 (now G4S)

Small Business Experience

Investor Taylormade Security

Leaders Financial


Colin is committed to helping companies grow their businesses delivering care, FM and business services to the public and private sectors including local government and NHS and to improve lives along the way.

Colin founded Care & Custody in 2009 and created a £110m+ turnover business winning over £1.1bn of long term contracts, employing 2,200 people delivering complex, critical national infrastructure public services across the UK. Colin sold his equity in Care & Custody to Mitie in 2016.

Formerly Finance Director for the GEO Group UK and held a number of roles at Group 4 between 1993 and 2005, including as Commercial Director for all public private partnership businesses.


  •  Chartered Management Accountant

Key Areas of Expertise

  •  Business founder, mentor and coach creating high value, fast paced growth
  • Leadership, strategy, culture, values and purpose
  • Developing winning teams
  • Building client relationships and partnerships
  • Financial planning
  • Creating business plans
  • Identifying new markets
  • Funding
  • Creating partnerships, alliances and join ventures
  • Identifying technology solutions
  • Managing a large workforce
  • Exit strategies


Over 25 years’ experience at a senior level in some of the UK’s largest private sector employers providing business services to the private and public sector.

Founded high growth, high value start-up businesses including one sold to a major plc.

Colin will help you create and execute business plans by identifying gaps in the market

Develop high growth strategies for you by focussing on key markets and employing expertise to exploit opportunities

Help you create a winning team, set a values led culture based upon a clear common purpose

Assist you in building relationships and long-term partnerships with clients in the public and private sector

Employ Financial Planning, budgeting and forecasting principles based upon building sustainable models

Create plans to attract funding from investors and banks

Help create partnerships, joint ventures and alliances with key suppliers including deploying technology to improve profitability and open new markets

Deploy expertise for you in managing a large workforce whether local, nationally based, highly skilled, low-skilled, large or small.

Identify exit strategies to help you sell your business