Board Advisor



Big Business Experience

Blue Circle Industries Plc

Lloyds of London

Small Business Experience

Ebbsfleet United Football Club

South East London Combined Heat and Power


An entrepreneurial Finance Director with a track record of financial management, commercial achievement, investment gains and playing an active role on numerous Company Boards.

Acting as a trusted advisor he demonstrates good all-round business knowledge, a strong appreciation of stakeholder maintenance and an independent focus upon achieving corporate strategies using marked operational capacities.

Led finances of numerous SME’s comprising investment, property, recruitment, National League football club and league, bloodstock horse agency, high-tech engineering, international networking, energy recovery and leisure.


  • Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (Qualified 1987)

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Financial strategy and planning.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Acquisitions & exit.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Corporate Governance & stakeholder management.
  • Commercial and operational experience.
  • Investment management (portfolios, property, private equity).


Led finances of numerous SME’s, owned and run companies.


2015 – Date. Part-Time Finance Director

South East London Combined Heat And Power

Major energy from waste incineration plant.


1994 – Date. Finance & Investment Director (Part-Time since 2014)

Greencourt Management

Investment management.


2018 – 2018. Part-time Finance Director

The Rent Guarantee Company

Property company renting properties from Landlords.


2014 – 2016. Interim Finance Director

Commonwealth Argosy

Start-up to provide an exclusive membership network as a platform for trade in the Commonwealth.


2010-2015. Investor representation on Board

X L Technology Systems

Satellite testing equipment (USA)


2007 – 2010. Non-Executive Director

Football Conference

League Board


2005 – 2013. Director

Fleet Leisure Ltd



1999 – 2010. Joint Owner / Executive Chairman

Ebbsfleet United Football Club

Professional football club.

(This directorship enabled him to exercise his passion for his local professional football club on a voluntary basis, having purchased, ran and sold it over a 9 year period).


1998 – 2009. Investor representation on Board

Paradigm Search & Selection



1990 – 1994 – Finance Director

Foster Investment Management

Investment firm.


1980-1990 Four accountancy roles encompassing range of financial disciplines.

Sifcorp Group

Lloyds of London

Gotaas Larsen Shipping Company

Blue Circle Industries