Non-Executive Director/Board Advisor/Mentor/ Business Consultant


 Big Business Experience
Whitbread PLC; Arc Specialist Engineering

 Small Business Experience
TBF International Ltd; Blue Lion Inns Ltd


Angus is an experienced Interim MD and Business Consultant with a successful history in the Hospitality industry, manufacturing and Charitable sectors. His experience spans over all sizes of businesses, from PLCs, SMEs and Business startups. He has a strong operational and business development track record in people, structural change and business turn around/ growth.

He has extensive experience in both B2C and B2B businesses over 35 years and has demonstrated on a number of occasions that his core belief in the development of, both his team, their skill set, and the nurturing of customer relations is at the heart business growth.

Whatever the product that a business is selling it has to, first and foremost, be of the quality required by the market and then the development of its success is down to the team within the business but also a genuine focus on delivering excellence to the customer. Often a realignment of the company strategy or how it measures its strategy is required to put it back on track and deliver growth.


  • BTEC – Hotel and Catering Institutional Management
  • Boardroom Dynamics
  • Business Leadership and Motivation

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Planning and accountability
  • Top team structure and development
  • Turnaround and business growth
  • Customer focus and relationship building
  • Business partnerships and collaboration
  • Team building, structuring and motivation


Strategic Planning and Accountability

A Strategic Plan stems, not only from the desirability of stakeholders, but an in-depth assessment of the market and the ability of the organisation to deliver. Once this is achieved, the plan is implementation and the progress is measured, often by KPIs, which can be reviewed on a regular basis. I help businesses to develop their potential and keep their plan “live.”

Top Team Development

To achieve their goals, the team should challenge their Top Team structure and their abilities deliver. Restructuring or hiring often needs to be considered.

Turnaround and Business growth

From PLCs; SMEs and Business startups, I have been involved in helping organisations change to realise their potential. The refocussing of the organisation and its working practices are all part and parcel of how I help this happen.

Customer focus and relationship building

Regardless of what a business may offer, the customer is at the heart of the success of any business. To lose sight of this will inevitably lead to the downward slide of its fortunes. Within the strategic planning the customer will play a central role.

Business partnerships and collaboration

This will also require collaboration and developing a clear understanding of expectations. It is often good to create partnerships with other businesses who will help achieve the ultimate goals.

Team building, structuring and motivation

The team, from the board down, and its functionality is more important than anything. A business cannot deliver success without a motivated team who know the direction of travel. It is vital that communication is effective. From job descriptions, clear expectations of individuals, daily/weekly/monthly reporting and meetings etc. and, importantly, of accountability.

After all, you cannot enjoy a game of football without first establishing the rules and having a referee to maintain those rules!