NED / Board Advisor / Mentor / Coach

West Midlands & London

Big Business Experience

Advisor Stacks LLC (EBSCO)

Co-founder United Medical LLC

Small Business Experience

Partner @ Digital Acquisitions LLC

NED to


I’ve had the highs and lows of building my own businesses. I’ve put my money where my mouth is and self-funded an investment group working on significant transactions on 3 continents. I’ve worked closely with CEOs of amazing start-up and scale-up businesses all over the world.

Founder of Ingenuity: coaching/advisory for CEOs of scale up businesses helping them navigate the chaos of entrepreneurship and build a highly valuable and scalable business they can sell.

Partner at Digital Acquisitions: a boutique M&A firm specializing in working with digital businesses (SaaS, agencies, e-com) and private investors to facilitate high-value transactions.


The University of Worcester England 2:1 Bachelor of Arts with Honors Social & Community Development

Key areas of Expertise

Start-up to scale-up

Digital (Ecom, Software, agency, services)

Founder/CEO/board member

Talent acquisition & retention

Building/managing outsourced teams

Management/leadership development

International biz development/expansion

M&A advisory

Valuation maximization

Succession/exit strategy

Joint venture/strategic partnerships

Global network corporate/private equity investors

Business coaching/advisory/mentoring to CEOs


Digital Acquisitions, UK/US – Partner Jan 2017 – Present

  • Advised and appraised assets valued between $2m – $70m+

Victoria Mia, US – Advisor July 2017 – Feb 2018

  • Advisor to Victoria Mia (investment group) in the coffee industry

UM Group, US – Co-founder Nov 2016 – Sept 2018

  • Co-founded an innovative consolidation model for healthcare businesses in the United States

Disentis Group, UK/AUS/SA – Co-founder Nov 2015 – Present

  • Self-funded a private investment group called Disentis (holding co), with partners in the UK, South Africa, and Australia

Ingenuity, Global – Founder July 2010 – Present

  • Business growth and digital marketing services for SMEs globally

Social Enterprises UK – Founder Oct 2004 – Sept 2012

  • Incubated a social enterprise called VIP (Vision Inspired People)