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Alan specialises in the analysis and design of business transformation/ change solutions – he enjoys problem identification and solution delivery, moreover he likes to see his recommendations through to benefits realisation.

He operates throughout the following vertical as required by the issue to be resolved:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Process & Technology Definition
  • Organisation Design & Development
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Mentoring

As a management consultant, his corporate client base has included 65 major international organisations, 150 assignments, 17 countries – SMEs 30+ organisations as an advisor and interim manager.

Alan is comfortable in board room situations and enjoys taking deep dives into organisational issues providing factual analysis and strategic recommendations.


  • BSc (Hons) Engineering Queen’s University of Belfast
  • Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants
  • Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Fellow of the Institute of Energy
  • Chartered Engineer

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Development of strategy
  • Analysis of poor performance and recommending resolution(s)
  • Development and implementation of business transformations and change
  • Aligning the Organisation/ Management/ Techno (IT) interface to strategic benefit
  • Mentoring & training


Alan has enjoyed working in both the Corporate and SME environments – he finds that the corporate environment benefits from his experience of working with sharp commercial instincts of entrepreneurs who energise their innovative and evolving businesses – equally bringing corporate experience to growing businesses which need robust and scalable infrastructure and compliances to align with the needs of large corporate customers and/or consumers.

Alan believes in the transfer of experience when helping with the development of strategy and building infrastructure and securing performance – thus creating ownership of the approach and solutions. It is important to recognise that this is transient support and the organisation must become self-sufficient and not develop a dependency on the external consultant – but have the trust to form a long term relationship for vital periodic and ad-hoc reviews.

Examples of Work

  • Organisation Development/ Transformation – extensive experience of re-structuring energy companies: 2 oil and gas companies each with 2500-person headcount – led a 20+ person team delivering transformation from a traditional organisation into performance-based business units
  • Project Performance (Engineering Design Company) – analysis of organisational capability, reporting and data flows of a £200m loss making project delivery function and putting in place the controls to make it profitable (£40m improvement: 10% loss converted to 10% profit); review of the infrastructure and recommendation to enable it to process £1bn+ by 2020
  • Reporting and Control – Government body reporting system: review of the existing core methodology and practices leading to the development of a target operational model including: new organisational reporting structure, re-engineering of business processes and a functional design specification for an oracle based management system to be deployed at national level
  • Collaborative working – design and implementation of several collaborative working environments (circa £20m each) where all technical discipline experts would sit in a high technology real time data monitoring centre to make collaborative decisions on oilfield production
  • Procurement – process mapping the workflows for a major affiliate, alignment of these with the principles and practices for the national sector standards for collective procurement across the group
  • Business Strategy – analysis and definition of a target operating model to align with the business value architecture leading to the development of a functional design specification for a high technology Real Time Operating Centre to manage all onshore oil and gas production from the Abu Dhabi Emirate
  • Corporate Planning Process – for the largest gas field in Pakistan and recommendations for the development of the business architecture and deployment of an enterprise wide ERP system
  • Productivity – analysis of manpower and plant utilisation for a fertilizer plant in Qatar leading to an estimated savings of £30m pa
  • Government, Supreme Council in Qatar – developed a national model for the measurement of the success of investment in social change
  • (SME) Interim Management – working with an owner manager to develop an acquisition purchased at £.08m plummeting to £10m rising over 10 years with successful exit strategy enabling the business to be sold profitably
  • (SME) – Business Development Strategies (two organisations) – examination of present markets and evaluation of growth potential for *2 on TO over 5 years
  • (SME) – Internal Review and Market Plan – review of infrastructure of £20m TO SME whose infrastructure had not been developed systems to match rampant growth. Evaluation of market and min/max projections