Part-Time Sales Directors

Part-time Sales Directors

Sales Directors lead the sales division of a business, ensuring it thrives through effective sales strategies for sustainable and maximum profitability. Scale-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need experienced Sales Directors to boost their sales operations if they are to achieve rapid growth.

However, not all businesses can afford to hire Full-time Sales Directors. This is where Boardroom Advisors comes in — we provide Part-time Sales Directors who can assist businesses on an ongoing basis with a very flexible arrangement.

Who is a Part-time Sales Director?

A Part-time Sales Director is an individual with exceptional talent and experience in managing the sales operations of a businesses on a long-term basis, depending on the current and prospective business needs. They provide their expertise, direction, and insights to keep the sales operation on track.

Why Choose a Part-time Sales Director?

The main reason behind a scale-up or SME’s decision to hire a Part-time Sales Director is to utilise their experience and improve the business’s sales functions without compromising their budget constraints.

Boardroom Advisors’ Part-time Sales Directors bring new and invaluable knowledge aimed at boosting the success of your existing sales department.

What Does a Part-time Sales Director Do?

Part-time Sales Directors are responsible for the strategic leadership of the sales department. Here are the common tasks that the individual would handle for your business:

Leading and supervising your sales force

Part-time Sales Directors coordinate planning, sales forecasting, and budgeting, and augment sales processes. They direct and support the progressive design and implementation of sales activities while pursuing quality, consistency, and sustainability.

Strategic planning

As strategic planners, Sales Directors project the company’s future in terms of sales and the means to achieve that plan. They also respond to the effects of market demand, costs, pricing, and new products on the company’s strategy.

Build healthy stakeholder relationships

Sales Directors help build and maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders within and outside your business such as suppliers, other directors and department heads, prospects, clients, and staff. They use their exceptional communication skills, both spoken and written, to engage these stakeholders and improve messaging.

Managing transition in the sales sphere

Part-time Sales Directors help businesses keep up with market dynamics by recognising emerging changes from afar, and designing and implementing strategies to see your business through unprecedented changes.

Protecting the profit margins of your business

The success of a business involves striking a balance between profit and pricing. Sales Directors work with your pricing experts to ensure your business generates a competitive income to meet the fixed and variable costs of your business. They also ensure you retain a high sales volume at competitive prices to guarantee reasonable profit margins.

Recruiting the right sales force

Engage our Sales Directors in your recruitment processes to help you select the right talent to grow your business.

Developing your sales team

An effective sales team keeps learning to acquaint themselves with new knowledge in the fast-changing sales industry. Part-time Sales Directors can work with your human resources department to plan suitable professional development programs for your sales team through staff appraisal, stall training, and development.

Company budget management

As top-level company leaders, Sales Directors directly influence policies governing rates of commission for salespeople and employee salaries. Part-times Sales Directors can, therefore, optimise spending on the budget allocated to the sales department.

Sales strategy

Sales Directors can plan effective sales strategies to for optimum success. They can also assist in tracing causes of poor sales performance and quickly rectify these issues.

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How Can a Part-time Sales Director Help Grow My Business?

Business growth is a fundamental goal of any business. Part-time Sales Directors’ skills and experience can boost the growth of your business in the following ways:

Build and nurture customer relationships in new markets: As your marketing department hits on a new market, directors develop unique methods of building, nurturing, and retaining the customers in the new market.

Growing your market share with sales strategies: Sales Directors design and implement sales strategies that will earn your company a larger market share for your products or services.

Product repositioning: Sales Directors analyse market demands and feedback from customers about your products and services. They use the findings to work with product developers to improve your current products, and they work with income analysts to set competitive product prices to improve the profit margins for your business.

Sales forecast for new products: As you create new products or services for your market, Sales Directors can help you forecast sales so you can evaluate the potential for your return on investment.

Why Choose a Part-time Sales Director from Boardroom Advisors?

At Boardroom Advisors, we undertake a thorough selection process to ensure you only get top experts to assist you with your business. Here are the qualities that our Part-time Sales Directors possess.

Time management

To optimise their time with you, our Part-time Sales Directors will fill the gaps you identify together and ensure that, through agreement, they operate at a strategic level rather than at a tactical level.


Our Sales Directors have built their experience growing businesses like yours. They have exceptional experience in sales operations, customer care support, and sales management even in the most complex business setups. They are effective in sales cycles, sales opportunities, managing territories, and other sales operation processes that collectively grow your sales.

Critical thinking skills

All of our part-time directors at Boardroom Advisors are critical thinkers and problem-solvers who have faced and fixed challenges throughout their careers. They are prepared for unforeseen circumstances and because they have grown businesses before they can help you avoid mistakes that could cost you time and money.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Our Sales Directors are excellent communicators both verbally and non-verbally, and can efficiently collaborate with your sales team and other internal business teams.

Business development skills

Sales Directors at Boardroom Advisors have invaluable business development skills that enable them comprehensively analyse the current performance of your company and spot areas that need improvement. They can constantly evaluate the progress of your business, and design and implement strategies to realise new sales objectives as you continue to grow your business.

How it works

Boardroom Advisors have a quick and simple four-step process to help you add a Part-time Sales Director to your team.

Step 1: Get in touch to tell us more about your business. Call us on +44 (0)117 300 9945, email [email protected], or complete a contact form so we can arrange a meeting to help us understand your business needs.

Step 2: Connect and meet your regional director. Your local Boardroom Advisors Regional Director will contact you to learn more about your business’s current needs and advise you on how Boardroom Advisors’ Part-time Sales Directors can assist you.

Step 3: Get matched with a dedicated part-time sales director. After your discussion with your Regional Director, Boardroom Advisors will match you with a Part-time Sales Director who can best address your ongoing business needs.

You may meet more than one potential advisor to familiarise yourself with their expertise and experience after which you will select the one you determine to be the most ideal for your business needs. We can assist you to choose since we already understand your business needs.

Step 4: Grow your business with top-talent Part-time Sales Directors. Your assigned Sales Director will start working with you on agreed terms and often within days or weeks of your initial discussion.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the duties of a sales director?

A Sales Director manages the sales processes for a business. They lead the sales team, report sales to the Board, estimate profits, and direct sales strategies. They bring expertise in negotiation to a Board and often work closely with marketing depending on the make up of the Board.

What skills do sales directors need?

A Sales Director combines sales and leadership skills. They should be an expert in sales with excellent negotiation, drive, and initiative. They should also have Boardroom skills and have good business sense, leadership and organisational skills. In either case, they should work well under pressure and be an excellent communicator.

What is the ideal sales manager?

The best Sales Director is able to set ambitious and realistic goals to get the most out of their sales team. They should have the planning, teamwork and leadership expected of a Director combines with an excellent knowledge of people and sales.

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