Part-Time Marketing Directors

Why Choose a Part-time Marketing Director?


A Part-time Marketing Director provides companies that don’t need, can’t afford, or don’t want a Full-time Marketing Director with access to the experiences and skills they do need to achieve business growth

Rather than make a major financial commitment and take the time to recruit a full-time director, a Part-time Marketing Director can make an immediate impact by sharing strategic knowledge, experience, and insights.

A part-time director can help a business set and implement a strategic direction by working with managers in just one day a week or a few days a month. 

What Does a Part-time Marketing Director Do? 

A Part-time Marketing Director offers a wide range of services based on your company’s unique needs. They can help identify products and markets, suggest specific sales strategies, and effectively measure the results of these efforts.

A Part-time Marketing Director typically works to:

  • Help companies develop brands and corporate identities
  • Create marketing plans, promotional schedules, and product launches
  • Create and manage marketing budgets and sales forecasts
  • Establish and grow target markets
  • Create innovative advertising, PR, and social media campaigns
  • Work with partners in media to negotiate affordable, advantageous contracts
  • Manage team members including consultants, freelancers, and suppliers
  • Hire, train, manage and supervise marketing teams
  • Conduct analytics reviews to optimise websites and email marketing systems

How Can a Part-time Marketing Director Help Grow My Business?

Part time marekting director

A Part-time Marketing Director can help your business get results when you need them. You can get access to a professional with proven success, as well as their network and decades of industry experience and knowledge.

A Part-time Marketing Director is a low-risk investment with no lengthy time commitment that can help you produce clear ROI quickly. These specialists can also help serve as a mentor and a trusted advisor to your existing marketing team, passing on their learning as they work together.

Why Choose a Part-time Marketing Director from Boardroom Advisors?

A Full-time Marketing Director can be an expensive hire. Many ambitious, fast-growing businesses simply cannot make the financial commitment, nor do they necessarily have the workload to justify hiring someone in this position full time. 

When you appoint a Part-time Marketing Director from Boardroom Advisors, you don’t get a junior marketing manager or an overpaid consultant who isn’t willing to do the work. You get a proven team member with a history of results who knows your industry, understands your challenges, and can start solving problems from day one. 

Boardroom Advisors will provide you with a Part-time Marketing Director who offers the right skills for your industry and your unique challenges. With flexible contracts, you can increase or decrease your commitment as required by your business in order to achieve your goals.

For many businesses, working with a Part-time Marketing Director four days a month, for example, makes it easy and affordable to keep the momentum going and make an impact.

How It Works

1. Share Your Business Challenges

Businesses all over the world struggle with common challenges. These can include hiring the right people, creating memorable brands, and generating leads, to name just a few. If you are struggling to grow or in need of unique talent, we’re ready to help.

2. Meet a Regional Director

You will have an initial discussion with your local Regional Director, who will get to know more about your business, the issues you’re facing, and what you’d like to achieve. At this time, Boardroom Advisors can answer questions about the process, potential team members, timelines, costs, and anything else you may need to know more about.

3. Get Matched to a Proven Part-time Marketing Director

Boardroom Advisors will help you appoint a Part-time Marketing Director not just with the right skills and history, but also the proper chemistry. You will meet one or more potential Marketing Directors and make the final decision as to who you will add to your team.

4. Get Growing

Your Part-time Marketing Director will work with your senior management to workshop and create a high-priority marketing plan for your business. They will work to solve key issues and partner with other Boardroom Advisors as needed, providing you with extensive experience, knowledge, and connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does director marketing do?

A Marketing Director is responsible for the advertising and customer communication strategies for a business. They oversee marketing campaigns and manage the business’s brand to drive sales. Their duties include reporting to the Board, assessing marketing success, leading marketing teams, and liaising with sales.

What should I expect from a marketing director?

A Marketing Director may conduct market, brand or product research. They will give expert advice on advertising, public relations, social media and outreach events. They’ll negotiate with media partners, and work with sales teams on matters of brand and advertising.

What do I need to be a marketing director?

A good Marketing Director is an excellent communicator with expertise in selling products and services. They should have great leadership, communication and customer relations skills. They should be able to take initiative as well as solve problems with a thorough attention to detail.

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