Part-Time IT Directors

Why Choose a Part-time IT Director?

A Part-time IT Director provides companies that don’t need, can’t afford, or don’t want a Full-time IT Director with access to the technology, experience, and skills they do need to achieve business growth in an ever-competitive digital landscape. 

Rather than make a major financial commitment and take the time to recruit a full-time director, a Part-time or Fractional IT Director can make an immediate impact by sharing strategic knowledge and insights.

A part-time director can help your business set and implement a clear IT strategy by working with managers in just one day a week or a few days a month.

What Does a Part-time IT Director Do? 

A Part-time IT Director offers a wide range of services based on your company’s unique needs. A Part-time IT Director typically works to:

  • Create IT strategies
  • Oversee digital transformation
  • Facilitate custom software development
  • Solve technology issues when working with private equity (PE)
  • Help develop and lead IT teams
  • Navigate risk management and compliance 
  • Integrate systems and reports

How Can a Part-time IT Director Help Grow My Business?

A Part-time IT Director provides you with access to a first-class IT leader when you need one. Your business will have access to a highly qualified professional with proven success, as well as their resources, talent, and years of results in what can be a complex, fast-moving field.

A Part-time IT Director is a low-risk investment for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) businesses to solve technological challenges. There’s no substantial time commitment necessary, and your Part-time IT Director can help your existing IT staff expand its skillset, modernise operations, and work collaboratively to become more efficient and effective. 

Why Choose a Part-time IT Director from Boardroom Advisors?

Part-time IT Directors from Boardroom Advisors

A Full-time IT Director can be an extremely expensive hire. Many ambitious businesses, despite growing quickly, simply cannot commit to hiring a Full-time IT Director, nor do they necessarily have the working hours to justify the expense.

Hiring an inexperienced full-time employee in this role may lead to greater complications such as compliance issues, outdated software, and exorbitant software or hardware costs.

You may also end up with incomplete software projects, tools that cannot be updated when needed, and a wide array of systems issues.

When you appoint a Part-time IT Director from Boardroom Advisors, you don’t get a  consultant or interim advisor who only talks in industry buzzwords and jargon. You will be adding to your team a proven leader who can talk about technology in plain English and has demonstrated, time and again, that they can generate real results.

Part-time IT advisors know the ins and outs of your industry, will quickly get to understand the unique technological challenges your business faces and can help you build a plan to solve your problems from day one. 

Boardroom Advisors will provide you with a Part-time IT Director who offers the right combination of skills and experience for your needs – we don’t provide “one size fits all” solutions and hope for the best. With flexible contracts, you can change your time commitment as required by your business in order to achieve your IT goals.

For many businesses, working with a Part-time IT Director approximately four days a month, for example, makes it easy and affordable to keep the momentum going, but new technology plans into effect, and have a significant impact on operations without the high overhead associated with hiring and retaining IT talent, particularly custom developers.

Part-time IT Directors from Boardroom Advisors

How It Works

1. Share Your Business Challenges

Businesses all over the world struggle with common issues. These can include driving effective and efficient use of technology, transforming operations, and maintaining good security practices, to name just a few. If hardware or software problems are getting in the way of doing great work, we’re ready to help.

2. Meet a Regional Director

You will have an initial discussion with your local Regional Director, who will get to know more about your company, the technology challenges you need to address, and what you would like to see happen to solve them. At this time, Boardroom Advisors can answer questions about the process, potential team members, timelines, costs, and anything else you may need.

3. Get Matched To a Proven Part-time IT Director

Boardroom Advisors will help you appoint a part-time IT Director not just with the right skills and history, but also the proper chemistry. You will meet one or more potential IT Directors and make the final decision as to who you will add to your team.

4. Solve Your Technology Problems and Grow Your Business

Your Part-time IT Director will use our proven framework to identify problem areas within your business and review your company’s operations. This helps to identify opportunities to roll out integrated tools that are easier to use, reduce software and hardware overhead, and develop strategies to protect mission-critical data without compromising user experiences.

They can help you work with private equity, manage teams, and hold suppliers accountable. Additionally, your Part-time IT Director can partner with other Boardroom Advisors as needed, providing you with extensive experience, knowledge, and connections in critical times.

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Frequently Added Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of IT director?

An IT Director is responsible for a business’s IT and digital strategy. They manage the business’s IT systems, assets and development. They ensure that a business is secure and compliant with digital law and that the Board is kept informed of technological changes.

What should an IT director know?

An IT Director should be adept in both IT and business leadership. They should have an excellent working knowledge of IT in their industry, an understanding of patterns and trends in technology. They should also have the leadership, planning and initiative skills expected of any member of the Board.

What skills are required to be an IT manager?

An IT Director needs technical skills in IT. They should also be a great leader and communicator. They should have a good financial and maths knowledge and be well organised, a good manager and be able to work in teams.

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