Part-time HR Directors

Part-time HR Director

HR Directors lead the human resources elements of your business and help inform HR related strategy decisions. They can help with everything from hiring practices to the human side of operations.

What is a Part-time HR Director?

A part-time (or fractional) HR Director works just like a full-time one, but doesn’t have the full time commitment and thus cost of a full-time hire. They will still run and advise on HR parts of your business, but on a more flexible basis.

This can be particularly useful for newer or smaller businesses that want to scale. A fractional HR Director can give them the support they need without draining the budget. 

What does a Part-time HR Director do?

HR procedures

HR Directors oversee the human element of your business. They make sure that employees are looked after and properly managed. This includes creating or advising on procedures relating to hiring, management structures, exits and more.

High-level hiring

They can also advise on expanding a small business’s leadership team. If you have no experience hiring people into senior positions, they will have the expertise to help guide you.

Staff growth strategies

Expanding operations often means expanding your business staffing. HR Directors can help you strategise for effective expansion of your team.

This can include hiring practice strategies, compliance with labour laws, or building effective teams from individuals by designing training programmes.They can also instruct on things like how to correctly end your relationship with a worker. 

Part-time Directors with Boardroom Advisors

If you think your business could benefit from human resources support as it grows, Boardroom Advisors can help provide the director-level support you need. Get in touch and talk to one of Regional Directors to discuss how we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should an HR Director do?

HR Directors oversee any human resources elements of a business, from ensuring compliance with regulations, creating staffing procedures, advising on hiring practices, designing training, and any HR strategy decisions.

What makes a great HR Director?

Great HR Directors are excellent communicators with strong organisational skills. They will be experienced with a range of HR issues. They will need to facilitate communication throughout an organisation and be able to manage employees across the entire business.

What kind of person is good for HR?

The best HR personnel are empathetic and approachable. This is doubly important for HR Directors. They should be easily approached to ask for advice with any aspect affecting human resources and for them to be able to easily communicate their answers.

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