Part-Time Export Directors

Part-time Export Directors

The value Boardroom Advisors adds to a business is to provide companies with the skill, talent, experience, and commitment required for business success and growth. One of the emerging needs of businesses today is Part-time Export Directors who can assist by maximising opportunities in the growing international market.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic tends to complicate the trade puzzle, experienced Part-time Export Directors at Boardroom Advisors are ready to support companies and SMEs to actualise their business goals.

“No export puzzle is too complex for our part-time export directors to solve.” – Boardroom Advisors

Come along as we unravel the prevailing state of the global export industry, who Part-time Export Directors are, what they do, how they can boost your export business, and why you should work with Part-time Export Directors at Boardroom Advisors.

An Overview of the Current Global Export Industry and the Need for Part-time Export Directors

A 2020 World Trade Statistical Review by the World Trade Organization (WTO) reveals that the world merchandise trade and commercial services in 2019 accounted for US$ 19,051 trillion and US$ 5,898 respectively. The growth has been steady since 1950 although it was disrupted during the 2007-2009 financial recession.

Companies are refining their business models as various players in the international market redefine policies to necessitate favourable trading activities.

The good news is that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has identified international trade as a key player in economic recovery from the pandemic effects. The future of international trade is still promising to and those planning to venture into exports.

Currently, companies in the export sector are adapting strategies that will enable them to function optimally. Part of the strategy involves to evaluate the availability and suitability of internal talent required to leverage opportunities and handle the challenges of the current export market. As they focus on growth, they are leveraging their available resources to benefit from talented, skilled, experienced and committed personnel.

As COVID-19 reshuffles international trade, export processes and policies are changing both at home and in the international market. Part-time Export Directors are, therefore, becoming valuable to assist companies to stay on track with their export activities.

Who is a Part-time Export Director?

Let’s first define who an Export Director is before narrowing it down to a Part-time Export Director.

An Export Director is a skilled and experienced expert who leads entire export processes and ensures company compliance with both home country and foreign government legislation and regulations.

A Part-time Export Director is an Export Director who you can appoint for one day a week, or a couple of days per month to provide high level expertise, advice, and direction to your export department. This way, other team members can effectively handle day-to-day activities.

Part-time Export Directors help grow your business

Why Choose a Part-time Export Director?

Companies and businesses choose Part-time Export Directors for different reasons. Here are the two most common reasons:

Limited financial budget: Hiring a Full-time Export Director is a major business decision that may require a significant financial commitment. Most SMEs and scale-ups may not have the funds for this position yet they still need the services of an export director. Under such situations, a Part-time Export Director is the best option.

When you don’t need a Full-time Export Director: Even if your business has the financial muscle to onboard for a Full-time Export Director, your needs may only be short-term. You have other priorities you need to spend your budget on. Get in touch with us and work with a Part-time Export Director as demand arises.

What Does a Part-time Export Director Do?

The role of a Part-time Export Director may include the following:

Managing export of goods and services. Part-time Export Directors help companies stick to and fulfil their objectives of selling products and services in the international market. They design and implement strategies that ensure company products and services reach the international market promptly and sell at competitive prices.

Helping companies meet compliance standards. Part-time Export Directors provide guidance and help companies adhere to laws governing export businesses at home and in targeted regions or countries in the international market. They work closely with the legal department of the company or outsourced legal consultants to compile export procedures that are in line with set regulations both locally and internationally.

Developing and implementing marketing strategies for international markets. International trade regions fall under different trade blocks. A Part-time Export Director can work with your marketing and sales teams to develop and implement strategies that can ensure the success of your business in the targeted trade blocks in the international market.

Representing the company in matters of exports both locally and internationally. Part-time Export Directors professionally represent companies in engagements with government agencies and regulators in matters dealing in exports. They can also represent the company at trade fairs, workshops, and exhibitions.

Part-time Export DirectorsHow Can a Part-time Export Director Help Grow My Business?

A Part-time Export Director is an asset to your business. Here are specific ways their services could help grow your business:

Boost your business through international expansion. A Part-time Export Director would bring experience built over years. They can introduce high-value skills that could enhance your workforce. They understand the dynamics of the export world so you can utilise them to bring a flavour of agility into your business.

Fast-track your business goals. Part-time directors provide immediate skill and experience your business needs to align itself with the necessary requirements as it penetrates new international markets. Boardroom Advisors’ Part-time Export Directors could help your business achieve its targets more efficiently.

Run your export business cost-effectively. You may only need an Export Director’s services for a few days every month. A Part-time Export Director could deliver the high level strategic support you need saving you the cost and commitment of a full-time director.

Mentoring your staff. Working with a Part-time Export Director will bring new experience, advanced skilled, and a fresh way of doing things. In particular, Boardroom Advisors’ Export Directors are experienced and well-versed with emerging and latest trends in the export industry. They will provide a mentorship asset for your staff and your business.

Why Choose a Part-time Export Director from Boardroom Advisors?

Here are the qualities that set our Part-time Export directors apart from the rest:

In-depth understanding of compliance requirements. One of the most important things to get you started on a successful export journey is to operate in line with both local government laws guiding exporters and international trade compliance requirements. Our Export Directors understand the multifaceted rules governing different trade regions.

Excellent communication skills. Our Export Directors could write a trade agreement for company distributors in your new market or represent your company at a trade fair. They can hit the ground running, setting up or filling gaps in your export strategy with confidence.

Nurturing and maintaining relationships. When it comes to export activities, Export Directors interact with a variety of parties. From government agencies to international distributors, from courier services to regional representatives. Our Advisors have dependable networking skills. They understand that export businesses rely on relationships and will handle your stakeholders with utmost respect and proper communication.

Handling complex situations. It’s one thing to prepare for the international market and another thing to face the actual situation. Some moments can catch your company unprepared. Our advisors are experienced and prepared for such moments.

Accountability. Our advisors understand the financial and budgeting expectations involved in export. Moreover, they understand priority areas to allocate finances for the most efficient outcome so you can trust them to manage your export budget.

How it works

Here is a simple four-step process that will get you started.

Step 1: Get in touch and share your business needs. Contact us via phone +44 (0)117 300 9945, email [email protected], or complete a contact form so we can have an initial chat, to  understand your business needs.

Step 2: Meet your regional director. Your Regional Director will learn more about your business, its current needs and how we can best support you.

Step 3: Get matched with a dedicated part-time export director. After understanding your business, Boardroom Advisors will help you find a Part-time Export Director who is a good match for your business needs. Expect to meet one or more potential advisors so you can settle on the right fit for your team.

Step 4: Keep your export business running smoothly and successfully. Your choice of Part-time Export Director will then work with you to address your business needs and help you achieve your business goals.

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