Part-time Commercial Directors

Part-time Commercial Directors

Hiring a Commercial Director for your company is a big step, regardless of if you are a scale-up or an enterprise with thousands of employees. It is an indication of expansion and growth. It also usually means that there is a need for additional help in managing and organising all the different processes of your company as well as helping identify and map out different business opportunities.

A Commercial Director has many different fields of expertise and works with almost all teams in an organisation. From working on attracting and hiring talent with the recruitment and sales teams, to helping position the brand better and more effectively with the marketing team. As such, it normally requires someone who has accumulated years of commercial experience in different business disciplines and has vast knowledge in building and growing scalable products and companies.

Finding your ideal Commercial Director that is capable of leading your sales department as well as supporting numerous departments can prove to be more challenging than other job positions. Here are some qualities to keep in mind when finding that perfect fit:

    • Growth mindset – someone who has out-of-the-box thinking and is instrumental in achieving revenue targets and helping the company grow forward.
    • Analytical – an adept capability to understand company KPIs (and the reasons behind them) and create plans for improvement that plays to your team’s strengths.
    • People person – an innate skill to work with the different personas within the company smoothly and effectively, as well as manage various client and partner relationships.
    • Leadership – someone who can influence people positively and bring out their maximum potential.
    • Customer-centric – being able to empathize and resonate with your target market to help solve their needs better.
    • Foresight – being able to read and identify market trends and changes in consumer behavior to help position your products and services optimally.

Part-time Commercial Directors

Difficulties finding a Commercial Director

Having identified some of the qualities a Commercial Director should have, it’s clear that your new Commercial Director needs to have a wealth of proven experience in this role if they are to get the results you desire. With that, you should also expect to offer a hefty compensation package. 

While larger companies shouldn’t have a problem with this, it is the scale-ups and SME’s, who are normally working with limited resources, that may not be able to compete and will have to resort to other, less ideal strategies.

What can you do?

Hire a part-time Commercial Director

Hiring someone part-time for your leadership and senior roles, like a Commercial Director, is a very effective way to gain access to expert-level personnel while keeping your overhead costs low.

You will also have additional flexibility by having the freedom to choose the commitments you want from your Part-time Commercial Director. From several days per quarter to multiple times a week, you can strategise depending on your company’s needs and resources. 

With the fast-paced, ever-changing business environment globally, changing your perspective in hiring and building your team can propel your scale-up ahead of your competitors. Acquiring the different skill sets needed by having a seasoned director will definitely help boost your team’s productivity and output and set your company up for future success.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a Commercial Director do?

Commercial Directors work across all the teams in your business. They work towards the growth of a business by managing the processes of all your departments and working their commercial expertise into strategy.

Is commercial same as sales?

No, there’s some nuance to their differences. A Commercial Director is responsible for finding ways for the business to grow, including finding new opportunities for the sales department. A Sales Director is more concerned with strategy focused on meeting sales targets, and directing the sales team.

What makes a great commercial director?

A great Commercial Director will be a creative strategist with great organisational skills. They’ll also have the entrepreneurial and leadership skills of any good Board member. They seek to promote and expand the business’s commercial activity, so should be adept at communicating.

…invaluable strategic business advice in many areas…

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