Part-time Operations Directors

What does a Part-time Operations Director do?

An Operations Director is an integral part of your leadership team. With a hand in virtually all aspects of your business, having the right person in this position will propel your team to achieve your goals. 

Someone who operates effectively in this position will have acquired years of experience in different operational capacities. They will have surpassed more than their fair share of challenges, and have the foresight to identify potential threats to your organisation, whether internally or externally. They will also be able to suggest and implement proven strategies – not just theories – to steer your business forward.

Simply put, an Operations Director helps all departments in an organisation to function optimally by providing guidance, mentorship, and the necessary training to maximise employee growth and potential.

With such a wide scope of support, it’s easy to misunderstand what skills an Operations Director must already have, but to start off with, you need somebody who can:

❖  Analyse your current processes to identify areas of improvement, suggest sound strategies, and implement them with various teams successfully.

❖  Ensure that all departmental targets are met.

❖  Suggest or develop the appropriate training for employees as well as your executive board.

❖  Ensure that your organisation stays true to its mission.

Realistically, hiring external talent for this position requires a significant financial commitment. Someone who is adept at most functions in an organisation and can step in and implement changes usually does not come cheap. This can be a problem for scale-up businesses and growing SMEs where every penny needs to be invested wisely.

Why consider a Part-time Operations Director?

Taking on part-time personnel for key positions in your organisation, such as an Operations Director, makes perfect sense, especially for most scale-ups and SMEs. 

Normally, finding the right operational process to support your organisation requires a whole lot of strategising, implementation, data gathering, and iterations. All of which takes time, resources, and a lot of trial and error.

Getting a Part-time Operations Director alleviates a lot of this and provides so much more by:

Providing years worth of knowledge and experience

By implementing tried and tested strategies, you can save a lot of the growing pains in establishing processes.

Giving your organisation additional flexibility

From as little as a few days per quarter to multiple days in a week, you can hire a Part-time Operations Director that will fit your needs and budget

Going beyond what is asked

Maximise decades’ worth of connections and network to help you with your goals, from talking to investors when you’re raising funds, to closing your next big client.

Ultimately, having a seasoned expert that can provide an immediate positive impact to almost all teams in your organisation, and contribute to solving problems more efficiently and timely while saving you resources, is exactly what a part-time director can bring to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a operational director do?

Put simply, an Operations Director helps all departments in an organisation to function optimally by providing guidance, mentorship, and the necessary training to maximise employee growth and potential.

What is the role of an operations director?

An Operations Director is an integral part of a business leadership team. They oversee the operational aspects across a whole business’s strategy, set operational goals, and monitor operations for the Board.

What makes a good operation manager?

They should understand the value of employees and effectively communicate with operations staff. This means delivering the facts and data, as well as providing constructive feedback, but also listening to the employees to give them a voice.

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