Why Business Mentors Make Significant Impact – Fast

While building your business, have you ever wanted to be able to get help from someone experienced, who’s been there before, and can give you great advice when you need it? That’s what mentors do – and why so many business owners rely on them.

Bring a Highly Experienced Specialist into Your Organisation

Your mentor will help position to succeed, create solutions, and deliver results. With experience building and managing businesses of our own, we deal in:

  • Rapid, major progress toward achieving your goals
  • Practical action steps – not theory
  • Hands-on assistance as you need it

Become inspired and empowered – and succeed on your terms.

Why do Businesses Need Mentors?

No matter how hard you work to build your company, you will likely face a moment where you struggle to focus on the short-term and the long-term at the same time – or a challenge that simply isn’t easy to work through, no matter how you address it.

Mentors provide you and your team with the capabilities, specific business skills, and work history to know exactly how to take on your challenges, help you power through them, and support you as you grow to the next level.

How We Solve Problems

We quickly get up to speed about your business, your opportunities, and your challenges. We help you set realistic, measurable goals, create short, medium, and long-term plans, and help you put them into action.

Our mentors have helped our clients raise cash and investment, develop marketing campaigns, optimise prices, restructure their businesses, and staffed and upskilled.

Your Results

 Success isn’t always clearly defined – but our clients enjoy the following:

  • The knowledge that their business will not just survive, but thrive
  • Improved profits in the short and long-term
  • Increased efficacy as a business leader through support and confidence
  • Strengthened core businesses, allowing for smart growth in the future
  • Successfully developed and implemented growth strategies
  • More time and space for you to focus on what’s most important
  • Less dependence on you as the leader of your organisation
  • Increased value of your business

Why Boardroom Advisors?

  1. We’re experienced. Our mentors have all run successful businesses in a variety of fields, and we have access to a number of other specialists we can reach out to when needed.
  2. We build long-term relationships. We’ll be available to help you work through your current challenges, as well as what you’ll be facing years down the road.
  3. We share goals. Once we know what you want to achieve, we will do everything we can help you make it happen.
  4. We don’t waste time. We only work with clients where we’re certain we can bring added value to the organisation. We want to impact your goals – and growth – positively from day one.
  5. We’re efficient. Having been in business for decades, we have likely faced challenges similar to yours – and can quickly implement powerful, transformative solutions.
  6. We care about profitability. We will make your business’s finances stronger with a laser-like focus on sustainability and profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a business mentor?

A business mentor is an experienced business person who acts in a supporting and advisory role with a less experienced business owner. They use their expertise to answer any question and guide their mentee through unfamiliar business challenges.

How do I find a business mentor?

Figure out exactly what sort of advice you would need. Write up your requirements as if you were writing a job offer so potential mentors know if they’ll fit. Use your network of connections to reach out or consider a dedicated mentorship programme to connect you with the expertise you need.

Why do you need a business mentor?

You learn lessons from the mistakes you make. The more experience you have, the more lessons you learn. This makes mentors a valuable asset. Their experience can help guide and advise a business owner through the challenges they’ve already faced without the mistakes they made along the way.

Is a business mentor worth it?

The benefits of using a mentor will be greater than the cost of involving them. They will help your business grow, navigate challenges and avoid costly mistakes. Their experience will help you gain higher profits faster and guide you through unfamiliar choices and concerns, getting you moving again sooner.

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