Become an Ambassador …and get up to £5,000 for each warm lead we convert

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

We work hand-in-hand with Ambassadors to help them build successful long-term relationships with their clients. By partnering with us, you will benefit from:

  • Up to £5,000 for every warm lead we convert
  • Great customer service levels which protect your reputation
  • Enhanced longevity of clients, ensuring your relationship continues to flourish
  • Further opportunities for referrals and introductions back to you
  • Paid on results – the better you do, the more you earn with no upper limit
  • Access to specialist knowledge and business advice, particularly in strategy, growth, funding and exit
  • You will represent a strong brand – Boardroom Advisors has over 50 vastly experienced Advisors



Your clients will love you – they come to you because you’re their ”go-to” people to solve their problems.  If you can help them with their business needs too, that’s another tick in box for them and it will make you look great.


We do all the work – however you choose to go about referring us, we’ll do all the leg work to make it a success. We can provide you with marketing materials to promote us.  The same goes when we talk to your client – we’ll take care of everything.


The competition is doing it – in an age where companies need to diversify or at the very least be geared up to help when clients come ‘troubleshooting’, having us up your sleeve helps to better satisfy and serve their needs for longer.


It’s very profitable – typically our Ambassadors just give us contact details for their client or vice versa when we’re needed – we do all the leg work.


We take all the risk – referring clients to us could be a significant extension of your current offering and yet we take all the risk – we are responsible for taking care of the client and ensuring they’re well looked after.


There’s no obligation – stop or start whenever you like, there’s no minimum number of referrals you must make and you can be reactive to opportunities, or proactively approach your client base.




What is an ideal client?

  • A funded start-up, scale-up or SME.
  • A clear business need – often involving growth, funding, strategy or exit.
  • A lack of experience or expertise in the top team – we provide part-time or interim Director-level people who have all scaled businesses.
  • A lack of external and objective advice – our teams have many NEDs and Chairs.


Who makes an ideal Ambassador?

  • People in professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, bankers etc., who already advise owners or Directors of funded start-ups, scale-ups or SMEs.
  • Professional sales or business development people who already have a portfolio of services and can add Part-time/Interim Executive or Non-Executive Directors.
  • Internally, Regional Directors and Advisors are often Ambassadors as well.


What is the commitment?

  • There is no cost commitment, and no time commitment.
  • Many Ambassadors are reactive to opportunities as they come up and just pass them on to us, in which case this take only as much time as it does to have a brief conversation with the prospect and then send us an email.
  • Some Ambassadors are pro-active and approach their own clients or prospects via newsletters, emails, phone etc and this requires a little more time and effort, but can be financially rewarding.
  • A few are dedicated Ambassadors, some just for us, others for more than one company and have a portfolio of services they can introduce.


How does the Ambassador Programme work?

  • After an initial discussion (and usually a meeting) we will ask you to sign an Ambassador agreement and then register you.
  • Talk to your contact and establish a business need (often around strategy, growth, funding or exit) an interest in a Part-time or Interim CEO, MD, COO, CCO, Chair, NED etc.
  • Get their permission and pass on their contact details to your Regional Director or centrally to [email protected]



How much can I earn?

Up to £5,000 for each warm introduction that we convert into a client. There is no limit to how much you can earn, the more clients you refer to us, the more you will earn.


Interested? Email us at [email protected]  with your location and contact details