International Directors

International Directors

Boardroom Advisor’s global expansion beyond the UK and European regions means that we have a growing team of International Directors who can provide skilled and experienced Part-time Executives to any company in the world.

International Director - Mike


There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled and happy than helping a client overcome adversity, going on to achieve their full potential and beating the odds.

Having played many business roles in my life from Business Owner, CEO, CFO, Director, Strategist & Entrepreneur helps me to see issues from many perspectives – good, bad and downright ugly.

My experiences range from mining-house to banking, accounting practice, to airlines or aircraft chartering, franchising, corporate travel and management consulting.

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International Director - Kiran


Experienced Board of Director & Board member with experience in Education, Real estate, Engineering  & IT industries with track record of successful UK-India business growth Strategies and proven result oriented business professional. After completing Master’s degree in the UK gained extensive work experience in utility, renewable energy and engineering industries.

Successful boutique International consultancy practice in the UK in startup/scale up space helping SME’S introducing to investors. Experienced in screening over 300 business plans and successful in raising funds for  startups. With a spirit of entrepreneurialism resulting in founding multifaceted businesses and involvement in various ventures globally.

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