Innovator Visa Programme

UK Innovator Visa Programme for Entrepreneurs

Boardroom Advisors have 150+ Advisors (Chairs, NEDs as well as experts in finance, marketing, sales, IT, operations, strategy, managing) and Regional Directors who have all scaled businesses and are experienced in helping others to scale and succeed.

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Endorsing Body

Endorsing Body

Boardroom Advisors has been supported by the UK Government’s Department of International Trade (DIT) and confirmed by The Home Office as an Endorsing Body under the Innovator Visa scheme.  We cover all sectors, in all regions of the UK and accept applications throughout the year.

We also participate in Startup Visas.

We currently support many UK entrepreneurs, often with a Strategic Review at the start and with their ongoing  requirements. This is the same structure and format that we are running under our UK Innovator Visa Programme.

It is the experience of our seasoned Advisors and Regional Directors, combined with our tried and tested Strategic Review format, as well as optional additional advice from experts in finance, funding, marketing, sales, IT and operations which makes us an ideal Endorsing Body for entrepreneurs who want their business to have the best chance of succeeding.

“Thank you for the email and the greatest supporting throughout the process! The process was seamless from your end also was smooth with Home Office too.”

Innovator Visa Recipient from Saudi Arabia

This video provides answers to questions about how our Innovator Visa Programme works

Strategic Reviews

We begin with a Strategic Review which starts the business on a firm footing, as all of the relevant issues are discussed, and priorities and timescales agreed.

The Strategic Review is up to 4 man-days work with both our Regional Director and the chosen Advisor involved. It is tailor-made for each client focusing on the key issues and opportunities but often consists of

1. Internal Research – this may be reviewing business/marketing plans or interviewing stakeholders in the company.

2. Strategic Workshop with the company stakeholders where the key issues and opportunities are discussed and major priorities and timescales agreed. This might be 4-5 hours on site or 2 x 2-2.5 hr group Zooms. We use different management tools for different challenges but these might include SWOTMOST AnalysisAnsoff’s Matrix or OKRs, PEST Analysis, Porters 5 Forces etc. In addition, the Advisor will draw on experience and subject matter analysis.

3. Report including 100-day plan outline and recommendations.

4. Follow up meeting with the client to agree priorities, timescales and – if the client wants optional ongoing input from one of our specialists in finance, marketing, sales, IT, operations etc – the number of days in the first month (this can be flexed up or down or paused or stopped in future months).

Six Monthly and Annual Reviews

This Strategic Review, and in particular the MOST Analysis, is reviewed on a six monthly and annual basis together with performance against projected profit and loss and cashflow in order to keep the business on track.

Optional Additional Specialist Advice

We can provide optional additional advice from experts in finance, funding, marketing, sales, IT and operations. These seasoned experts can provide project or ongoing specialist advice and/or Part-time Directors on a month-by-month basis to build an initial Board. We can even help find you Full-time Directors as the business builds.

Endorsing Body

Strategy for evaluating Innovator growth (Innovative, Viable and Scalable)

Innovative: Analysis of the business plan to confirm that it meets new or existing market needs and/or creates a competitive advantage. Confirmation of a clearly defined and robust value proposition showing some unique features when looked at against the competition.

Viable: The business must appear to be sustainable, based on its assets and expected income, weighed against its planned expenses. This can be measured through cash flow as well as profit and loss forecasting. The ongoing six monthly and annual reviews are judged against the original business plan and financial forecasts and there should be significant achievements against that plan.

Scalable: Annually revised business plan and financial forecasts should show the business with the potential of growth and job creation.  And, on an ongoing basis, there must be evidence of the plan coming to fruition, actual job creation and growth into national and international markets.

“We are delighted to have a 98% success rate from our endorsement to the Home Office granting Visas.”

John Courtney, Chief Executive


Application process

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