Business Mentoring

Leading companies isn’t easy – especially if you’re in your first leadership role.

As a Director, you need support in order to best serve your Board and stakeholders. A trusted independent advisor can provide you with invaluable advice and informed perspectives when you need it most.

  • With a confidential, experienced coach and mentor, you can test out ideas and receive crucial guidance in critical moments
  • Learn how to make strategic decisions and assess risks
  • Mentoring helps to develop management and relationship skills, which become increasingly important as your role and responsibilities grow with your company

Almost every great Director has been mentored, worked on personal development, and attended leadership programs over the course of their careers. However, when in a high-level role, it is rarely possible to give this work the dedicated time it needs.

This becomes an issue especially when tasked with making decisions in new areas and addressing problems they may have never foreseen in previous roles.

In these situations, mentoring becomes vital to success. While an executive coach can help give you feedback and develop specific skills, very few coaches have held roles like yours. Mentors, however, have. A great mentor provides advice based on specific examples from their own careers, wisdom, and networking as-needed. Furthermore, unlike organised mentoring programs, director mentoring is typically directed by you, the mentee, making it highly customised and specific to the issues you face in your organisation.

The Essential Guide to Scale Up Challenges

Learn about how to overcome the challenges when scaling up your business


Other strategic challenges you may be facing:

Management Structureensure that your business’s operational structure works for you. A well managed business will reduce overheads, improve employee retention and productivity, and help your business grow. Scaling up needs a well built structure so you can grow freely.

Remunerationexecutives need compensating for their time on the Board. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly and needs careful consideration to find the right package for your Directors. You want to stay competitive without costing the business more than it can afford.

Succession Planningwhen you or any other senior employee leaves the business, how will it manage without you? Without proper succession planning, losing the business’s leaders can mean the loss of more than just the individual. You want to ensure your business can stand the test of time, no matter the people at the helm.

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