Funding Options

  • Discover the primary sources of funding for SMEs and their benefits and drawbacks
  • Learn about funding options that are available in days or weeks – not months or years
  • Find an independent specialist to help you improve your pitch and position yourself to succeed

Before you go looking for investors to fund your new business, there are several other things you need to do. You don’t just need to know how much money you need – you need to truly know the ins and outs of your business, as well as precisely what your business needs.

Many small businesses consider business loans, also known as debt financing, first. You can receive a business loan either from a bank or a specialist debt financing company.

However, equity financing may be a better choice. There are a variety of alternative business funding and alternative finance options which may make your business more attractive to prospective investors. You should consider the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), as well as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Both of these provide generous tax incentives for prospective investors.

Additionally, consider both angel investors and equity investment crowdfunding platforms as alternative funding options. When you look for an investor, you’re not just trying to raise money – you’re trying to find new team members who will bring value to your business.

The Essential Guide to Scale Up Challenges

Learn about how to overcome the challenges when scaling up your business


Other strategic challenges you may be facing:

Profit Improvementmaking profit is how businesses grow. The more money you have coming in, the more you have to spend on improving your business. A profit strategy is important for identifying opportunities and avoiding common mistakes.

Sales, Mergers and Acquisitionswhether selling your business to a larger company or merging with a competitor, these changes are large and complicated. You need to be properly prepared to get the best value for you, as well as making sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible.

Planning For Exitexiting a business is an inevitable part of founding one. Eventually, you want to hand over the business you have created. It’s important to prepare for it well in advance and make sure you know how you want this to happen, so you don’t lose time or money trying to exit from a weak position.

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