Case Study - Kaiasm

[Objective: Strategy; Commercials]

Sales Transformation sets marketing technology firm on track for success

Sometimes successful businesses only come to a realisation that they can do better when fresh eyes come in to have a closer look at what actually works and what doesn’t. Boardroom Advisors worked with Kaiasm to develop a more data-driven approach to their overall sales procedure.

case study - kaiasm

Business Challenge

Kaiasm, being in the business of strategic knowledge creation, was suffering from a sales operation that needed development. A serious issue identified in the discovery process was the complexity of their commercial proposition, which overlaid an inherently complex service.

On top of these operational challenges, Kaiasm were hit with the wave of economic challenges that came with the COVID-19 pandemic.


The challenge was met through sales transformation consultancy with a highly experienced Advisor who identified the gaps while subsequently developing processes, techniques, and solutions to overcome the hurdles.

With the pandemic being the primary roadblock to the business’s growth, the work between our Advisor and Kaiasm consisted of: many internal workshops; sitting in on various sales team and client meetings; conducting win and loss review meetings with prospects; and, significant effort on creating better credibility and return on investment analyses.

With these new strategies being implemented in the sales process, Kaiasm’s sales team were also able to develop a new found confidence to grow sales faster.


Alongside plenty of specific B2B ‘big-ticket’ sales training to improve the sales team’s performance, our Advisor was also able to vastly simplify the commercial model by modernising the proposal format. This resulted in far greater customer engagement between sending the proposal and arriving at a decision.

Kaiasm was also introduced to more documented sales procedures complete with qualification processes, new channels to market, and revised credibility statements (such as case studies).

All these resulted in the client’s conversations with prospects moving critical questions in the sales cycle from “what” to “why and when.”

Quote from Steve Johnston, Founder & Director of Client Services

Steve Johnston, Kaiasm“Kaiasm has worked with Thomas from Boardroom Advisors for nearly a year so far to identify constraints in our sales function and help us grow. We have simplified our commercial proposition as a result, and added some much-needed professionalism to our market approach. As a result we are getting better client engagement, at proposal time, with our complex solutions.”

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