Case Study - FSEW

Solutions architecture strategy facilitates digital transformation in logistics

Freight Systems Express Wales (FSEW) was in huge growth and transformation mode and wanted someone to look at their overall solutions architecture, systems, processes, data flows and people skills. They needed help to effectively develop and deploy a Solutions Architecture strategy which was flexible and scalable making it fit for purpose.

Boardroom Advisors worked with FSEW to audit their existing system capabilities and develop a solutions architecture strategy for them to take on board.

Business Challenge

Their need was to seamlessly connect their systems, automate data flows, and do an audit of existing systems to ensure they were using the best systems and using them optimally.

FSEW wanted to perform an evaluation of their existing vendors and systems with the aim of generating recommendations on their technology stack, processes, data, architecture, and governance/ security. They were also looking for recommendations on how to build a core team, and what skills would be needed.


Boardroom Advisors acted as a source of expert advice and guidance to FSEW by creating a solutions architecture strategy that included the recommendations and critical assessments that they were looking for.

We reviewed the current data and technology setup including data, technology, people, and processes to aid the company’s digital transformation. A connected architecture framework was proposed which consisted of multiple interconnected systems.

We delivered a solutions architecture strategy with a clear roadmap with timelines and estimated costs. A very collaborative process was followed where stakeholders were interviewed and recommendations individually discussed in detail before putting the whole strategy together.


❖  Various critical recommendations were taken on board and implemented quickly by the Chief Operating Officer at FSEW.

❖  System architecture was simplified to improve operational efficiency.

❖  A structured training plan was introduced to improve operational effectiveness and avoid duplication of work.

❖  Dashboarding and reporting modules were identified, and an automation plan was recommended.

❖  Due diligence of a new Electric vehicle system was done which was later deployed by FSEW.

❖  Delivered a flexible, scalable and a fit for purpose infrastructure and resource for FSEW which was mission critical for their growth.

Quote from Gethin Worgan, Operations Director

FSEW Operations Director

“Our Boardroom Advisor, Sameer, has been a great help to both myself and FSEW in our transition towards a more streamline and information focused system. Being able to talk to someone with his knowledge and enthusiasm for this project allowed me to convey the exact details I needed, knowing he would deliver the message to the potential suppliers and come up with a solution that was more than satisfactory for us.

I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is looking to undertake a Technology / Data project but doesn’t talk the lingo, he understood our needs and was able to relay that with his expertise to the Technology / Data providers allowing me to concentrate on my own staff and not worry about the 3rd parties involvement”

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