Case Study - Apricot

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Apricot were looking for support to grow their business and find solutions for ongoing challenges.
Apricot Case Study

Business Challenge

Apricot wanted to grow their client base. At the same time they wanted to mature their business operations so they could grow efficiently and continuously without having to make a step change as the company grew.

They came to Boardroom Advisors to find new answers to problems that had repeatedly proved challenging.


A 100-day plan was developed by our Advisor for Apricot.

Specialist resources were brought in to support Apricot’s social media and website content development. As well as supporting the fund raising, our Advisor also established cash flow monitoring and controls for clearer visibility and increased confidence.

Finally, our Advisor helped set up an advisory board of education for Apricot where industry and creative people would help bring to life Apricot’s vision for its students.


A new homeschooling approach was established as a result of everyone’s hard work. The fundraising initiative resulted in £150K worth of impact on social investment.

Mentoring Apricot also helped create a funnel for homeschool web leads and inquiries which increased from zero to an average of 1+ per day. Results were tangible because their office phone started ringing for inbound inquiries.

Quote from Amy Smith, Managing Director

Amy Smith, Managing Director“Just because you’ve run a business successfully for 10 years doesn’t mean you don’t need help. We brought Stew onboard when we lost a significant contributor to our revenues in a very hard to reach market. He has proved to be diligent beyond expectation – imaginative in a wide range of approaches – an incredible builder of relationships with other professionals – and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for the work he undertakes. We now have new strategies for growth, proper governance and accountability, an Advisory Board, financial stability, and, perhaps most important, new vision and the energy to pursue that vision. Thanks so much to Boardroom Advisors and to Stew”

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