Case Study - Accelerate Agency

[Objective: Strategy; Commercials; Marketing]

Enhanced growth for an early stage Digital Agency by developing a focused business strategy

Accelerate Agency are a digital marketing and analytics agency who were looking for support from an Advisor who had walked in their shoes. The goal was to save them time and money on the inevitable learning curve and to significantly increase their profitability.

Business Challenge

Accelerate could easily secure project work but this would not facilitate the kind of ambitious growth they were targeting. They needed a different approach.

They had a very diverse range of clients with variable understanding of Accelerate’s innovative and ambitious approach. There were challenges with education and support that were sucking time and energy.

Being busy working IN the business meant the founders had little time to work ON the business. This meant they were being reactive when they wanted to be proactive.


By starting with a series of strategy workshops, time was carved out for the founders to reflect on every aspect of their business. The result was a strategic and tactical plan with measurable objectives.

Accelerate needed to move to a long-term retainer model in order to achieve their growth targets. Boardroom Advisors worked with Accelerate to package an attractive offer.

Boardroom Advisors helped review pricing strategies and identify key target audiences that shared Accelerate’s innovative and ambitious vision. The direct result was a laser focus on marketing and sales efforts which secured six new profitable clients.


The strategic planning process transformed the business to be significantly more profitable and scalable. The team grew by 3x and included part-time high-level expertise that would not be possible on a full-time basis as well as a scalable support team.

The strategic review of pricing and packages resulting in 400% growth in turnover in the first year.

Quote from Nick, Co-Founder

You don’t know what you don’t know so having Boardroom Advisors involved helped us make some immediate and significant changes that increased our profitability. Our Boardroom Advisor gave us the confidence we needed to make bold decisions and saved us learning through making our own mistakes. Working with Boardroom Advisors was the best decision we made!

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