Introducing Boardroom Advisors’ Charity Partner: Lords Taverners

Introducing Boardroom Advisors’ Charity Partner: Lords Taverners

We are proud to be partnering with Lords Taverners as our Charity Partner. Learn about the work that Lords Taverners do in the community across the UK working with disadvantaged children and children with learning disabilities to bring joy through sport.

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Video transcript:

I didn’t really understand it until i went to go to Lord’s in an indoor school that had the super ones final and honestly the sheer joy of watching them play and having fun. it was quite an emotional experience i’ll be honest with you and I knew then I just had to be involved as much as I could.
They just get out there in the community and not just with the super ones but with the other programs as well. I’m John Courtney, I’m Founder and CEO of Boardroom Advisors, we provide part-time director level people to scale ups and to SMEs throughout the UK.
Having Tavs as our charity partner is just a way of trying to reconnect with Taverners and trying to give some exposure to Tavs particularly through social media so people may find out a bit about the great work that Tavs does with disabled and disadvantaged kids.  It’s all about partnering for us, having Tavs as a charity partner perhaps as we go forward being at events anything that we can do to help to introduce them to other companies who might want to have a charity partner.
We’ll help where we can in the business community, it’s not just about making a charitable contribution. People these days want a little bit more out of their employers than just a desk and a computer and you know whatever the work is you know they want the work to be more meaningful. Employers having a connection with a charity hopefully the Tavs is a way which they can chose their community that they’re part of that community and put something back. We’ve got some wonderful wonderful people i know they’re really thrilled to be involved with Tavs as well.

Written by: Kath Dawson