Board Advisors at a Board Meeting
BA Regional Directors
Part-time Executive, Fractional or Portfolio Directors

Benefits to your business

❖  Services are available from one day per quarter and almost immediately.

❖  There are no recruitment fees, no long term commitments, and interchangeable personnel as your needs change.

❖  You can scale up or down your advisory as needed.

❖  Your Boardroom Advisors are part of your team, providing you with consulting, direction, and strategy at less than the cost of an intern.

❖  Boardroom Advisors are perfect for scale-ups and SMEs – and our talent pool consists of dozens of the most experienced advisors in the UK.

Boardroom Advisors are real-world advisors. They are people who have had their own companies, made mistakes, learned from them, and built many successful businesses.

Most have grey hairs.  Some have none. What they all have is experience.

Our Process


…invaluable strategic business advice in many areas…

Ian Gosden, Managing Director, Higos Insurance

…valuable assistance in setting objectives and arranging strategy plans…

John Freshwater, Managing Director, Permaframe

…no hesitation in recommending him as a Non-Executive Director…

Colin Flaherty, Chairman, Academy of Business Strategy

…I was delighted to hear what a fantastic fit Boardroom Advisors were for my client…

Chris Budd, Founder, The Eternal Business

…he was a real asset in supporting us through rapid expansion…

Adam Ellis, Managing Director, Five Rivers

…he has had a significant impact on our approach to how we work as an agency…

Christian Harris, Managing Director, Sticky